Nvidia news: stock is slowing down

Nvidia and AMD to Unveil AI Copilot+ Gaming Laptops

Nvidia and AMD are set to launch a new set of gaming laptops with Microsoft’s artificial intelligence (AI) Copilot+ features, which the US software giant recently revealed for laptops with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X processors.

At Computex 2024, Nvidia said Asus and MSI are working on ‘RTX AI PC’ gaming laptops, which will ultimately have Copilot+ personal computer (PC) features. The firm also confirmed that the devices will be powered by AMD’s new Strix central processing units (CPUs).

The tech community is abuzz with the new laptop CPUs, the details of which remain under wraps. The chipmaker is seen disclosing more information about Strix during its keynote later on Monday.

Nvidia has also signaled that its first AMD-enabled Copilot+ PCs may not immediately have Microsoft’s suite of AI features upon release.

The chip giant stated in a blog post that, once available, the Windows 11 AI PCs will receive a free update to Copilot+ PC experiences.

That implies that Microsoft may not be set to roll out Recall and other AI-powered Windows features on AMD chips, or there may be an exclusivity period for Windows on ARM Qualcomm-enabled hardware, due to launch on June 18.

Nvidia is currently in a race to maintain its lead in AI-powered tasks on laptops.

Microsoft continues to divest AI models to neural processing units (NPUs), but the AI darling is preparing to make its graphics processing units (GPUs) valuable in the AI PC competition.

AMD Reveals New AI Chips to Rival Nvidia

AMD introduced its new AI chips on Monday, designed for innovative data centers and next-gen laptops, intensifying its rivalry with Nvidia, the current market leader in AI chip technology.

The demand for specialized processors that help build, train, and operate AI apps like ChatGPT has grown in the past two years.

Despite Nvidia leading the market, AMD has become one of its biggest competition. AMD CEO Lisa Su has stated that their latest processors will compete with offerings from rivals such as the AI chip giant.

Moreover, Su said they will pursue an annual update cycle for its advanced accelerators, and the recent Instinct MI325X AI accelerator will be released this year.

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