Oil Leaders Met Biden’s Climate Advisor

Oil and gas industry leaders met White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy on Monday. The Biden administration prepares to crack down on greenhouse gas emissions of fossil fuels.

Four sources familiar with Zoom’s meeting said it focused on methane emissions. A potent greenhouse gas, from oil and gas production. Also, it concentrated on the industry’s role in the administration’s plans to decarbonize the US economy.

Mike Sommers, American Petroleum Institute President, said the trade group emphasized oil and gas will continue to play a vital role in global energy for decades. However, he added that the organization takes interest in tackling climate change.

McCarthy said in an interview that President Joe Biden’s administration proposes new regulation on methane from oil and gas operations. The Biden administration is getting ready to unveil a new emissions reduction target next month due to America’s return to the Paris climate accord.

McCarthy previously met automakers who could be affected by the administration’s plans to reduce greenhouse gases and promote free energy. 

Oil industry bosses have been pushing for talks with administration officials following Biden’s January 27 statement of a pause in selling new oil and gas leases on federal land and waters. Industry officials have singled out the sector as a willing partner to combat climate change. Meanwhile, they argued that continued oil and gas development is essential for a prosperous economy and national security in the United States.

Rio Tinto Will Form an Indigenous Advisory Group


On Tuesday, Miner Rio Tinto Ltd said it would form an Indigenous Advisory Group to identify gaps in current protocols for managing indigenous culture in Australia. It happened nearly a year after the destruction of an important heritage site for a mine.

The company said it would start to work with the Indigenous Advisory Group. They will analyze the best practice for managing cultural heritage sites in the mining industry.

According to the company, the review will assist in identifying gaps in its current protocols. Besides, it will provide a clear path to re-establish trust over time. 

Jakob Stausholm, Rio chief executive, said the company wants to recover. Moreover, Rio wants to make additional declarations on its progress around heritage management.

Debby Blakey, Chief Executive of Australian superannuation fund HESTA, stated that Rio is beginning a very long rebuilding trust process. 

Blakey said that supporting genuine, open, and ongoing partnerships with indigenous communities will require a long-term commitment and solid frameworks and processes.

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