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Online Broker Tastyworks Rebrands to Tastytrade

The renowned online broker Tastyworks rebranded itself as Tastytrade. The robust platform allows retail investors to trade in futures, options, and cryptocurrencies from one convenient location.

On Wednesday, Tastyworks proudly proclaimed its brand-new development in a press release. They have announced that they will transition to the Tastytrade branding over the upcoming weeks and also revealed that it began utilizing its new legal name on Tuesday. Furthermore, there won’t be any disturbances with platform operations due to this remarkable shift!

Starting on Tuesday, February 21st, 2023, Tastyworks will begin the switch to its new name and domain across all of its websites, technology systems, and content. Although it may take some time for everything to be fully transitioned away from using “Tastyworks,” you should start noticing the changes beginning on that day. 

Tastyworks rebrands Tastylive’s old name.

Tastyworks has recently taken over the title of Tastylive, formerly known as Tastytrade, which functions as an online educational and financial content platform. Both companies are connected through IG Group and remain separate entities.

In June 2021, IG Group finalized their billion-dollar purchase of Tastytrade for $300 million in cash and 61 million ordinary shares estimated to be worth about $700 million.

Recently, Tastyworks rebranded itself and released a groundbreaking risk analysis tool to assess and manage traders’ respective risks in futures, equity, and options trading; this transformation occurred less than one year ago.

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