OpenAI Strikes Deal to Allow ChatGPT to Access Reddit Posts

On Thursday, OpenAI announced a collaboration enabling ChatGPT to train using data from Reddit discussions to analyze trending topics.

In exchange, the California-headquartered tech firm becomes an advertising partner that will run ads on the social media platform. However, both parties refused to disclose additional details regarding the collaboration, especially the fee for accessing Redditor data.

Amid intensifying competition, OpenAI ramped up its efforts to collaborate with online publishers for its large language models (LLMs). Last year, it partnered with America’s Politico and Business Insider and Germany’s Bild and Die Welt.

Investors lauded the arrangement, expecting the sale of data for generative AI (GenAI) training to become a key revenue source. Moreover, stakeholders stressed that this would help diversify Reddit’s earnings, 90.00% of which come from traditional online advertising deals.

Previously, anyone could freely scrape Reddit’s real-time, human-generated content, making it a hub for small AI firms and startups. This changed last year after the platform started charging usage fees to developers using its API for data collection.

As a result, dozens of third-party clients shut down, while thousands of subreddits temporarily ceased activity in protest. Nevertheless, the social giant stood its ground, eyeing bigger AI prospects, including Alphabet and OpenAI.

Reddit Helps OpenAI Accelerate LLM Development

According to tech specialists, Reddit has become a prime target for OpenAI and other LLM system builders. As of the first quarter, the social platform reported 73.10 million daily active users, marking a 27.00% year-over-year increase.

With over 138,000 active subreddits, it generates massive amounts of content ideal for GenAI machine learning. In February, Google agreed to pay the aggregator $60.00 million annually to leverage Redditor discussions to improve the Gemini chatbot.

Industry watchers predict that more AI research and deployment companies will approach Reddit after Google and OpenAI. They added that access to conversations regarding trending topics will help LLMs provide more humanlike responses.

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