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People Plan to Buy Bitcoin to Celebrate in El Salvador

The world will no longer be the same as today is the last day for bitcoin not to be legal tender anywhere. Bitcoin will officially become legal tender in El Salvador Tomorrow, marking a historical event in Bitcoin’s world reserve currency journey.

As a start of bitcoin usage in El Salvador, residents will have the opportunity to receive around $30 in Bitcoin for free via the Chivo wallet app backed by the government. Therefore, this event incentivizes El Salvadorians to start using the world’s most challenging money in their daily lives.

This event created a lot of excitement and enthusiasm amongst Bitcoiners worldwide, who are excited to join in this event. Bitcoiners manage to start and absorb trends quite quickly, so it did not come out as a surprise. 


The Trend


This trend grew super quickly, with people spreading the news across various social media platforms. Most of them used Twitter. Michael Saylor, MicroStrategy’s CEO, used his vast platform to ask people if they planned to buy $30 in BTC tomorrow. His post had thousands of retweets, likes, and comments from people planning on engaging in the event.

El Zonte the famous Bitcoin Beach where many people have already been using bitcoin to exchange. Alex Gladstein, Chief Strategy Officer at the Humans Rights Foundation, is in El Zonte now who recently explained the easiness of BTC usage as a currency in his video where he spent Bitcoin to pay for his coffee.

In his video, he said that BTC would become legal tender for tomorrow. Bitcoin users worldwide are ready to welcome the people of El Salvador to the Bitcoin world. He added that such events show the fellowship amongst people fighting against this monetary revolution to fix the money, thus improving the world.

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