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CFD trading



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Building 25 Matam, Haifa, 319160, Israel

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972 4-689-2154


English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, italian




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MetaTrader 4

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CFD, Forex, Crypto, Stocks, Options


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Plus500 is an established trader founded in 2008. They have been providing brokerage services for over a decade, and don’t seem to be slowing down.

The firm’s main office is located in Haifa, Israel. However, they do have subsidiaries in the UK, Cyprus, Australia, Singapore, and Seychelles. Each of the subsidiaries has a different website and might adhere to slightly altered rules.

Plus500 has a no-nonsense website, with the option to open your account greeting you as soon as you open the page. Navigating around the site is easy, and most of the info you need is readily available. Additionally, you can view all their trading instruments before even signing up, which is a rarely seen function. There’s also a warning about the risks of trading on CFDs, noting that 80.5% of users lose more than they gain. A large percentage of traders are already aware of the risks, but it’s still nice of the company to include a small reality check even though it harms them in a way.

Design and accessibility, however, aren’t traders’ main concerns. What most want to know is what they get for choosing Plus500 over others. Here’s a summary of things we think the broker excels at:


Safety is a primary concern when choosing an online broker, especially since a lot of them are scams. Plus500, however, has one of the most impressive security setups we’ve seen.


The website is very professional and sleek. There aren’t any ads on their site, and they aren’t trying to bait you into investing, instead opting to simply demonstrate what they offer. It really appears that they’re committed to providing a quality service rather than making a quick profit.


There’s a lot of depth when looking through the various trading instruments the company offers. Many veteran brokers fall into the same trap and stop updating their service. Plus500 seems to have strayed away from that and is aiming to stay competitive.



Safety is, without any doubt, one of the greatest benefits of using Plus500. They are regulated by multiple respected organizations, namely FCA, CySEC, ASIC, FSCA, FMA, MAS, and ISA. Just a look at that long list paints an entirely clear picture of how little chance there is of you getting scammed out of your funds.

To add to that, they also secured a prestigious sponsorship with Atlético de Madrid, which further strengthens their claim of fairness. The final element is their decade-long reputation, which has stayed more or less intact. There are a few complaints, as is to be expected, but nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing that would prompt more detailed investigation.

What you end up with, after all of that, is a broker that you can trust. There’s never a way to guarantee with 100% accuracy that an online broker won’t scam you, but Plus500 got as close to that as possible.


As is usual, there’s a demo account at Plus500, that you can sign up for by simply providing your email and picking a password. If you’re unwilling to hand out your personal email, you can use a temporary one to test out their services. If what you see seems good, you can go on and open an account with actual funds.

There’s only one option when it comes to live accounts at Plus500, which ends up being a double-edged sword. On one hand, you don’t get the experience customization or prestigious loyalty offerings of some other brokers. On the other, however, you get the best possible trading experience no matter how much you decide to invest.

In short, those that invest high sums might be slightly disappointed. We aren’t sure that there’s any need for dissatisfaction, though, as the trading conditions are quite good.



  • Min. deposit: $100
  • Max. leverage: 1:300
  • Spreads: Floating from 0.6 pips
  • Fee-free withdrawals: 5 per month


The trading conditions are not something to be amazed by but are quite fair towards users. The maximum leverage you can achieve is 1:300, a solid rate if slightly below average, the spreads are tight, and the minimum deposit is reasonable.

There are no charges on your first five monthly withdrawals. We consider that fair business practice, as all your withdrawals can be commission-free with a bit of planning. Also, retrieving your money usually takes less than a day, but can stretch out to three days, which is usual with online brokers.

One clear negative is that the learning experience at Plus500 lacks compared to the competition. As such, new traders might feel a bit lost using the service, especially since they have a custom trading platform. Another thing traders are slightly dissatisfied with is that scalping is disallowed.

However, the strengths outweigh the weaknesses by far. The great security is quite a significant reason to stick with Plus500, as you’d be hard-pressed to find it matched elsewhere. Additionally, there’s an impressive collection of over two thousand assets to trade. That guarantees nearly unmatched variety, as well as the fact you’ll find nearly any instrument you want to trade on.



Plus500 has a custom trading platform, which can be accessed via both a downloadable and a web client. While the client does look good and is accessible, it does lack some functionality. Namely, the analytical options, especially when taking into consideration the sheer volume of trading products, are underwhelming.

As such, we believe it’d be better if they went with a more standard option like MetaTrader 4. They are, unfortunately, unlikely to make that switch, as they’ve stuck with their custom platform for over a decade now.

One benefit to Plus500’s platform is how well it works on phones. It loses very little functionality compared to the desktop variants and works on Android, Apple, and Windows phones. You can get it for free from their respective stores, and start trading on the move, as long as your internet is stable.


Plus500’s trading instruments are among the most numerous across the markets, clocking in at over two thousand. No matter if you like buying or selling Forex, crypto, stocks, or anything else, you’re certain to find a plethora of assets waiting for you. Here’s a shortlist of the products you’ll encounter:

• Over sixty forex pairs – The selection of currency pairs at the broker is wide enough for most to find the couple they are looking for. Choices such as EUR/USD, EUR/GBP, and GBP/USD are all present, among many others.

• Commodities – When commodities are concerned, there’s a ton of options that fall under many categories, including metals, energy, and agricultural assets. You’ll find Gold, Silver, Oil, Corn, and a variety of other instruments you can buy and sell.

• Stocks and indices – There’s a plethora of shares and indices that you can trade at Plus500. Those include some of the world’s premier companies, like Airbus, Deutsche Bank, Netflix, and Facebook.

• Digital currencies – Cryptocurrencies are perhaps the section where the broker stands out most when compared to the competition. There are both single and pair options, including BTC, ETH, LTC, ETC/BTH, and many more.


The ways you can contact Plus500 are slightly unconventional in that they don’t have a phone number or email address clearly laid out anywhere. Instead, you can press a button to fill a form and send them an email via their website, or contact them via the WhatsApp button. We’re unsure why they used such roundabout methods, but the options they provide just end up being more tedious than a simple phone line and email. Finally, there doesn’t seem to be a live chat option.

That’s all unfortunate, but one good thing is that the support team is available around the clock. They also reply quickly and are quite helpful despite the methods to reach them are being odd.

Email: [email protected]



Plus500 is a straight-forward and broker that puts security and variety over other factors. They provide a slightly above-average experience with most of their conditions, having fair leverage and spreads that are quite tight. They also have tools in place to stop traders from getting too carried away with the money they don’t actually have.

There are a few clear negatives as well, though. There’s a lack of learning materials and account variation, and the methods of reaching customer support are unconventional. Some also dislike their platform and the fact that they forbid scalping. Those negatives, however, fall into the realm of minor inconveniences rather than deal-breakers.

Those inconveniences are, as far as we are concerned, more than made up for by the positives. You’d need to scour the web to find a broker that went to further lengths to ensure fund safety and product variety. Even in the case of the company crashing, the customer funds are separate from the firm funds, so you’re guaranteed to get your money back.

Plus500 is the right broker for you if you enjoy a solid overall experience with few gimmicks. We find the company most suitable for budget-to-middle investors, as there are no benefits for huge spenders. Even if you don’t fall into those groups, however, we recommend giving it a shot as it might just be worth your time.



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