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PointGrab’s Technology Can Monitor Social Distancing

Companies are trying to get workers back to the office, from home. The problem, however, is that they have to protect employees from the Covid-19 virus. It would not be surprising to say that it is first and foremost necessary to maintain social distancing. An Israel company considers it can help, using smart sensors positioned on workplace ceilings.

Significantly, PointGrab improved its technology before the disease to support workspace administrators optimize how employees use office space. The sensors look like a smoke alarm by size, and they can record the accurate number and location of people in buildings.

Deloitte was the company’s one of the first clients, which placed the system at its flagship London office. PointGrab’s sensors linked to screens in the building in order to shot the availability of desks and shared areas. According to PointGrab CEO Doron Shachar, it was one of a range of innovations that helped Deloitte apply 30% more people into 3% less space.

Significantly, PointGrab has adapted the technology which can monitor social distancing by keeping track of how apart people are, and whether they are going in one direction around a building.

The Company Set Up Alerts

The company managers can set up alerts for when two people are closer than two meters up to 30 seconds. PointGrab’s CEO reported that companies would choose what to do with that alert.

The sensors inspire workers to practice social distancing. In fact, universities in the Netherlands accepted this method. Moreover, an innovation hub in Belgium also applied this practice.

However, there is a different view of the problem. For example, Camio uses image detecting software that works with surveillance cameras to track how close together employees are and whether they’re wearing a mask.

PointGrab has used above 10,000 sensors for office optimization, including in the workspaces of Coca-Cola, Facebook and Dell.

However, PointGrab was able to see the main problem. The company knew that employees might not like being watched during the workday. According to PointGrab, no images or identifying features are recorded as the employees are represented as an anonymous dot on a dashboard.

The company CEO reported that it is incredibly vital in the workspace that sensors do not violate people’s privacy. Significantly, privacy is PointGrabs’ key to success.

According to Shachar, smart sensors may not be enough to get employees back to the office; however, they could help businesses take the first step.

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