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Broker Name:


Broker Type:

Market Maker

Operating since year:





Carenage Bay Canouan Island, VC0450 Kingstown, St. Vincent & the Grenadines

Broker status:

Market Maker





English, Deutsch




Trading platforms:

MetaTrader 5, MT5 for Android/iOS, MT5 WebTrader

Trading platform Time zone:


Demo account:


Mobile trading:


Web-based trading:




Other trading instruments:

Currency Trading, Commodities Trading, Shares Trading, Stock Indices, Precious Metals, Cryptocurrencies


Minimum deposit ($):


Maximal leverage:

1:1 up to 400:1


Variable or floating for Mini, Advanced, and Executive; Fixed for Prime and VIP

Scalping allowed:


A quick glance at ProfitiX

ProfitiX Ltd. is a brokerage service provider with registration number 25308 BC 2019. The company provides Forex, commodity, CFD, and cryptocurrency services. It is based in Saint Vincent & Grenadines at the address Carenage Bay Canouan Island, VC0450 Kingstown.

The broker was based in 2019, and it already has an excellent reputation in the investment world. The company is working hard to establish its name in the market. ProfitiX has implemented an innovative digital experience by converting one of the modern brokers in this field. 

Its trading platform is very friendly, offering high-quality trading services, fast-executed conditions, and secure funds. ProfitiX is excellent at providing maximum flexibility on deposit requirements for the traders.

ProfitiX Review, ProfitiX Review

With a friendly trading platform, traders can utilize it to make profitable trades along with transactions.

The broker’s official website is It provides daily updates and is highly active.

ProfitiX provides services in every country except for the US. Still, these terms are not strict. If you are a US citizen, you can bypass this limitation by selecting ‘US Minor Outlying Islands’ as your country. Afterward, you will need to choose ‘Other State’ as your state from the bottom of the list. Then, you can add your actual phone number, address, and zip code. This way, you will have easy access to your account.

Regulations & Licenses at ProfitiX

The company is authorized and operated under the laws of St. Vincent and the Grenadines with registration number 25308 BC 2019.

Trading Platforms provided by the broker

ProfitiX provides clients with MetaTrader 5 platform, which is famous for its exceptional trading function and full features. The MT5 platform is all-inclusive. It allows clients to trade currency pairs, stocks, and shares. The MT5 offers advanced tools for price analysis to manage algorithmic trading applications. It also supports the hedging method to open various trading positions within the same financial instrument.

ProfitiX offers traders cross-asset trading on more than ten thousand markets.

ProfitiX Review, ProfitiX Review

The MT5 is available on any device. It can be accessed with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. The Mobile version enables traders to reach the market anytime to keep track of price fluctuations.

Moreover, ProfitiX MetaTrader 5 enables exceptional client support for 24 hours, five days a week. There is no weekend trading.

Trading Conditions Offered by ProfitiX

The trader guarantees fund security for its clients and is affiliated with secured and trusted banking institutions. On ProfitiX, all the trades, private information, financial transactions are highly protected. The broker provides 20 approved banks and liquidity sources.


ProfitiX offers a vast number of trading assets. The broker gives its customers access to over ten thousand financial markets. The platform has trading instruments for currency, providing most of the currency pairs, commodities, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, shares, and stocks.

It is also exceptional that a wide range of trading instruments are available to all account types. However, opportunities are a little limited for those operating with Mini and Advanced accounts.

Currency pairs trading is available 24 hours a day. Commodities are traded with zero commission charges.

For those interested in trading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, and Ethereum are possible options. Besides, the cryptocurrency is priced both in USD and EUR.


The broker provides extremely generous leverage from 1:1 to 400:1. Unlike many other brokers, who are limiting the maximum leverage for account types that require more extensive deposits, ProfitiX allows the maximum amount for all the account types.



The mini account offers the most specific information on spreads. It provides variable spreads from 3 pips.

The spread could seem quite high. However, it’s worth considering that this broker charges with no commission fees on accounts. Despite the higher spreads, it substantially lowers the trading costs.

The spread can be floating or variable.

ProfitiX deposit/withdrawal methods and fees

Depositing and withdrawal are very easy with the broker. Potential clients of ProfitiX may deposit or withdraw by credit cards and wire transfer. The broker offers payment methods via Visa, MasterCard, western union, Diners Club, MoneyGram, Neteller, Skrill, and more. Upon withdrawal, there will be no additional charges. Even many more significant brokers impose some commission on withdrawals, and these fees can increase in the amount in the long run. So, choosing this broker will give traders a slight advantage. It means that they will be able to make frequent and small withdrawals without worrying about charges that could cut their profits. It has also been mentioned several times that withdrawals with the broker are quite fast.

Most of the broker’s account types are commission-free, and spreads are very profitable. There is a chance to receive abundant bonuses as well and offers upon deposit.

Rollover charges are only applicable to positions held past a particular time. To avoid such charges, you can learn about closing time for each market by viewing Market Hours on the website.

ProfitiX accepts currencies such as the US dollar, British Pound, and the Euro.

The broker tries its best to keep the customers satisfied. In the case of complaints, the active social media managers are ready to help in solving any issues the user might have. Besides, the broker is engaged in social media. ProfitiX is available to reach on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, and Pinterest.

The services they offer have made them one of the most reliable and trusted brokers in the market.

Account types on ProfitiX

ProfitiX offers several account types. They are custom-made and differ from one another by the required minimum deposit. Providing five types of accounts, the broker is suitable for all kinds of traders.

ProfitiX Review, ProfitiX Review

Level 1 is the mini account, the lowest level the broker offers. It is useful for traders with modest capital. The minimum deposit here is $250. This level provides access to MetaTrader 5, price alerts, education centre. The minimum requirement for the lot size is 0.01 lots for this account. This level is perfect for developing trading experience. It gives them the flexibility to manage risks. Leverage is as high as 1:400. Commissions are not included.

Level 2 is an advanced account. It is perfect for experienced traders in the financial markets.

The account offers the same features as the previous one. Besides, any trading style is available on the level.

The minimum deposit here is $2,500. This level gives traders the ability to trade far more assets like currencies, indices, commodities, metals, and cryptocurrencies.

The account offers variable or floating spreads, which provides more transparent pricing. Also, it includes a custom trading strategy.

Level 3 is the Executive account. Besides the futures mentioned above, users of this account can have a variety of investment choices, such as professional charting tools, personal portfolios, and market analyses. The minimum deposit here is $25,000. This level provides all trade assets.

Level 4 is the Prime account. It provides clients with competitive pricing conditions with a minimum deposit of $100,000.

Spreads are fixed here, and the level offers research tools, as well as exclusive daily market analysis. This level allows the investors the usage of so-called hedge positions, keeping two or more trading positions open simultaneously.

Level 5, the VIP account, is the top level. This account is for ultra-wealthy investors and active participants trading with large volumes. This level gives the clients the possibility to take the trading to the next level. Besides the features mentioned above, this account offers a low market price difference. Besides, the broker safeguards clients with negative balance protection.

Education and training at ProfitiX

Daily news, market analysis and educational videos ProfitiX provides are available to all the traders. They will get available as soon as traders register their accounts.

The educational centre offers information for beginners and professional traders. Your skills become stronger and stronger as you learn more. It is also wonderful that a broker cares for the development of its customers. Videos ProfitiX provides, include lessons on trading terminology, Forex trading strategies, and more.


Profitix provides huge trading features. The broker has established its position in the market with a highly advanced MT5 trading platform. A large-scale range of trading instruments such as Forex, indices, shares, and cryptocurrencies, make the broker very competitive. Besides, it uses SSL technology to ensure fund safety against suspicious activities. Another appealing feature for this broker is that it offers five different account types for all sorts of traders.

Moreover, Profitix provides training videos, an economic calendar, and daily market analysis. Customer support is available for 24 hours, five days a week. The leverage of ProfitiX is up to 1:400.

Safety of the client’s capital is the highest priority for the broker, and customers’ investments are protected. To keep it short, if you are looking for a potential and advanced broker, you can consider trading with ProfitiX.



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