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Purchasing Tips For The Upcoming Prime Day

This means Amazon is going to do everything to guarantee that people spend money on Prime Day. Maybe even more money than they’d like.

True, there will be some incredible deals on Prime Day, but there will also be much trash to avoid. So as October is here — here’s everything that needs to be known before the coming of Amazon Prime Day.  

Price check everything

From Prime Day to Labor Day, the number one rule when buying online (or in-store) is to regularly price check whatever you’re going to buy. Price checking on Prime Day is almost effortless. The CamelCamelCamel, a website that price matches millions of items retailed on Amazon. The website traces price lows, so if the article you’re looking at were cheaper in March, you’d be able to notice the price difference. There’s even a Chrome extension named Camelizer, which can be installed and clicked on anytime you wish to look at an article’s price history.

Pay special attention to there could be some articles CamelCamelCamel doesn’t trace. In those situations, there is Shopbrain or ShopSavvy. They won’t show the price history of an item, but they’ll offer if a competing retailer gives a better price.

 Don’t limit your shopping to Amazon

It is a fake retail holiday created to sell Amazon devices and services. Nevertheless, just like you don’t buy your whole clothes from one brand, you are not supposed to do all of your Prime Day purchasing at Amazon. Walmart, Target, and Best Buy are just a few competitors representing “Prime Day” sales of their own. Conclusion: Amazon doesn’t provide the best prices all the time.

Use free credits

Amazon desires you to spend money on this day. Still, if there aren’t any articles you want to purchase or if you’re just actually trying to keep to your budget, there are some rather fantastic Prime Day deals you can get. With these deals, after spending $10, you’ll get a $10 Amazon credit in return. Yes, that means you have to purchase something on this special day, but in the end, you’ll know you’ll be buying it for $10 less.

 Don’t purchase new gadgets… just yet

Amazon published many new gadgets a few days ago, including a new Amazon Echo and the new Echo Dot. Still, not all of them will be delivered in time for Prime Day. So be careful when you notice deals on Amazon’s new devices. Also, with Black Friday happening soon, there’s a very high chance they’ll be more affordable in just a couple of weeks. Black Friday prices — particularly on Amazon devices — are average $20 to $100 less high than Prime Day prices.

The same applies to Apple’s new devices. While the Apple Watch SE and iPad 2020 are now on sale, chances are high they’ll be lower on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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