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Broker Review: Rentalzi

Rentalzi Review: Best place to trade online

First Impressions

The most crucial term in the financial world is trust. Before sending money to a broker, traders must ensure they are properly regulated.

That’s why in our Rentalizi review, we will first look at the broker’s safety. We were pleased to find that operates under many regulatory entities. Please keep in mind that regulators could differ based on where you are located. Rentalzi Markets UK plc and Rentalzi Spreadbet plc, for instance, are under the Financial Conduct Authority’s supervision (FCA).

Rentalzi Markets complies with stringent laws, offers its clients negative balance protection, holds client funds in segregated accounts, and is a participant in the traders’ compensation plan.

Remember that negative balance protection is only offered to retail clients in order to protect traders from the risks associated with margin trading. Margin trading is a highly leveraged activity that allows participants to place bets using borrowed money and risk capital that they do not possess. It is possible for a trader’s balance to fall into the negatives on occasion when markets are extremely volatile and trade goes against prediction, leading the trader to accrue debt to the broker.

Retail traders can only use the leverage of up to 30:1 when trading Forex pairs, whereas professional traders can use levels of up to 200:1 to offset this. In order to avoid the balance from being negative, the broker also employs automatic Stop Out levels. In the unlikely event that your account experiences a negative balance, you can contact customer service, and they will make the balance zero.

In the next section of our Rentalizi review, we will go over trading assets like Forex, cryptos, and shares as CDFs, which we think is an amazing option, but more on that later.

What is available for trading on Rentalzi Markets?

At Rentalzi Markets, an expansive range of Forex trading pairs is available. Additionally, the broker offers access to trading equities that are both physical and CFD. Contract For Difference, or CFD, has some benefits over trading physical assets. Physical assets, on the other hand, are ideal for long-term investment because there are no expenses associated with holding an open position overnight.

For short-term investments or speculation, CFDs are favoured because they can be traded long or short in both bullish and negative markets. Also, because more individuals trade CFDs than actual assets at any given time, spreads are tighter, and CFDs are more liquid.

Although Rentalzi Markets offers a variety of trading assets, keep in mind that some of the assets are only accessible through specific account categories, and the number of assets and policies offered may vary slightly depending on your area.

Forex has 330 currency pairings. These include Major, Minor, and exotic pairs, which are less liquid and feature wider spreads are exotic pairs. The most tightly spread major pairings, such as EUR/USD, USD/JPY, and AUD/USD, start at 0.7 pip. The broker just charges spread markups; there are no other expenses.

Also, traders have the option of trading currency indices like the USD, EUR, GBP, and others. For trading forex, big international institutions like Deutsche Bank, JP Morgan, Barclays, Goldman, UBS, Citibank, and HSBC provide liquidity to Rentalzi Markets.

Shares as CFDs

As we already mentioned in our Rentalzi Markets review, the brokerage offers 10,000 shares as CFDs. Leverage is offered for trading in addition to other advantages. The maximum leverage offered for shares is 20:1.

Using a dedicated share trading platform, you may trade CFDs for shares of Tesla, Google, Amazon, Meta, and other well-known corporations. The prices are fair and start at 0.10 points on Tesla. Also, traders can predict the values of penny stocks and various instrument categories, including growth, technology, banking, ETFs, consumer & retail, and share baskets.

Actual shares

Long-term investors prefer physical shares since no expenses are associated with holding assets for a long time. On the other side, since there is no available leverage, you need more money to begin investing. Around 35,000 shares are available for trade in total. Remember that trading can only be profitable in one direction. The good news is that trading costs on US, UK, Canadian, and Japanese exchanges begin at zero dollars.


Speculative traders use cryptocurrencies more frequently than ever before. The broker offers 19 important cryptocurrencies and other coins. Keep in mind that when trading cryptocurrencies with Rentalzi Markets, you only trade these assets as CFDs rather than buying or selling actual coins. As a result, since you don’t truly own the assets, you don’t need to worry about where to keep or cash out gains.

Although Rentalzi Markets does not charge a commission, the broker imposes spread markups on traders. The spread on the most popular pair, BTC/USD, starts at as little as 75 pips, and markups for cryptocurrencies start at 0.5 pips on MATIC.

According to our Rentalzi review, the most leverage that can be used for trading cryptocurrencies is 2:1, which is less than what other brokerages are willing to offer. Cryptocurrencies are considered high-risk assets by Rentalzi, which limits the risks in an effort to safeguard individual investors from losing money.


Indexes are a very accurate indicator of the state of particular economies and businesses. The top 500 American corporations that are traded publicly on the stock market are measured by the S&P 500, for instance. The S&P 500 and US 500 can be traded as CFDs or used as indicators.

Rentalizi offers 80 indexes, including the UK 100, US 30, Germany 40, Hong Kong 50, Australia 200, and others. On the US 500, spreads begin at 0.5 pip, and leverage can reach 20:1.

Rentalzi Review, Rentalzi Review


There are two categories of commodities that can be found on the markets. Commodities are the basic resources needed to make consumer goods. Commodities that can be farmed are referred to as soft commodities, whilst those that must be mined are known as hard commodities.

While researching for our Rentalizi review, we were pleased to find that you can trade both hard and soft commodities, such as precious metals, energy, agriculture, and commodity indexes. On gold and natural gas, spreads begin at just 0.3 points.

Prices for commodities fluctuate in response to shifts in global demand and supply. Remember that the provided assets are CFDs and that you can trade them both ways.

Which account kinds does provide?

The CFD and Corporate accounts are two of Rentalzi Markets’ six live account types for trading CFDs. Although the offerings of the two account types are fairly similar, the CFD account is intended for amateur traders, and the Corporate account is for experienced investors. You can also join the website as an exclusive VIP member which has a plethora of benefits.

Demo account on Rentalzi Markets

We were pleased to find that Rentalizi offers demo accounts while researching for this review. Trades can be placed using demo accounts without putting real money at risk. All CFD account types have demo versions of the genuine account types available. For both experienced traders and newcomers, demo trading is crucial.

While more experienced traders utilize demo accounts to create, test, and backtest their trading methods, novice traders can become familiar with the trading software and learn about the broker’s policies. Demo trading is quite helpful; however, it should be noted that it cannot adequately train traders for trading live. Live trading necessitates controlling one’s emotions, which demands self-control and diligence.

Rentalzi Review, Rentalzi Review

Rentalzi Markets' CFD account

With a CFD account, it is possible to trade 10,042 products, including more than 300 Foreign Exchange pairs, plus over 100 indices, over 100 commodities, above 10 cryptos, over 50 bonds, and over 9,000 shares as Contract for Differences.

Furthermore, both account types support fractional trading sizes. Retail investors are the major target market for CFD accounts. Several asset classes have different leverage percentages. Leverage for forex pairings can reach a maximum of 30:1. Leverage for indices is 20:1. 2:1 for cryptocurrency, and 5:1 for shares. Remember that while leverage can be an excellent tool for increasing your profits, it can also lead to greater losses.

High-level Rentalzi Markets accounts

Professional traders should use the platinum pro, platinum, or premier accounts. The maximum leverage for trading Forex pairs using these account types is 500:1.

When investing in share CFDs, a fee of 7 USD is charged for each completed trade. review: Final Verdict

In conclusion, Rentalzi Markets is a worldwide, active, well-recognized broker (some countries excluded). The broker’s ability to provide a variety of asset kinds is undoubtedly one of its strongest points, including both actual shares and CFDs of shares. The teaching materials are vast, and the broker’s fees are fair. It is regulated under strict laws and is customer oriented. Without a doubt, Rentalzi Markets is an excellent option for multi-asset trading.


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