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MT4, Proprietary

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RSQTrade Review: Is the Broker any good?

Searching for the right broker can be an extremely hard task, but lucky you, you have stumbled upon the right website that will help you make the right choice. We know that selecting the best broker is crucial for you.

RSQTrade Review: General information about the broker

RSQTrade is a world-renowned financial services provider offering a range of investment products. In fact, that includes CFDs trading and FX. Their high-tech trading platform provides clients worldwide an opportunity to invest in more than a thousand assets, including stocks, commodities, Forex, and indices.

Overall, after looking through the website, we can say that the broker follows all the modern trading trends today. RSQTrade has come up with an innovative approach to trading. It provides investors worldwide with an alternative that is simple as it is unique.

The broker uses the same level of encryption technology as international banks and major online retailers. Thus your funds and monetary transactions are safe. The broker makes sure your security and privacy are protected at all times.

Your trading funds are always kept safe in segregated bank accounts. In fact, RSQTrade will never share your details with any outside agency or third party. In addition to this, we were surprised to see that the broker operates a guaranteed no hidden fees policy, and our deposits and withdrawals process is fast, convenient, and supported by a wide range of payment methods.

RSQTrade Review of Trader Tools

The broker provides the best analysis tools you need to trade successfully on the world’s major markets. So what are those?

Assets Index

You will be able to expand your portfolio and trade the financial markets with more than 1,000 world-class financial assets on their ground-breaking trading platform.

Chart Analysis

It is hard to function as a trader without an adequate chart analysis. RSQTrade provides a detailed chart analysis that allows you to identify market trends and foresee price fluctuations easily. The algorithm is based on the previous trade market history and behavior of assets, and classic patterns.

Daily Analysis Video

RSQTrade provides well-curated daily analysis videos that offer information on assets and their daily movements to assist you in making the best possible trading decisions.

Live Market Summary

Up-to-date and precise market data that you might need to make efficient trading decisions and profitable investments.

Economic Calendar

RSQTrade economic calendar features all the important market events and data. They are crucial for detecting future market fluctuations and trading opportunities.

Financial News

Stay informed of everything that’s happening in the financial markets around the globe.

Financial Calculators

The broker offers a wide selection of financial calculators to assist you with your decision-making process. This is a wonderful and extremely helpful tool that will be very useful while trading financial markets.

Market Summary

RSQTrade has gathered all the essential market movers by their team of experts to provide you with a complete picture of the current state of markets to assess your possibilities.

RSQTrade Review of Trading Products

The broker offers a standard variety of trading products that will serve you well for your trading portfolio diversification.

  • Indices Trading
  • Stocks Trading
  • Commodities
  • Trading
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Forex

RSQTrade Review of Deposit and Withdrawals Methods

Fund managing is an integral part of successful trading. Fortunately enough, account and fund management is convenient and straightforward at RSQTrade. The broker accepts all major credit and debit cards and wire transfers and a wide range of E-wallets and other secure payment methods. Thus, the broker gives the opportunities to trade to all the traders from various states and countries.

With RSQTrade, traders can usually withdraw their profits within up to five business days. Deposits made via credit/debit card are immediately credited to your RSQTrade account. You will be able to trade with these funds within minutes.

The client can access their account details and manage your trading account 24/7. The broker continually updates its security protocols and uses the same SSL technology as international banks and major online retailers. Here is the list of the withdrawal/deposit methods you can use:

  • Credit/Debit Card – RSQTrade accepts most major credit/debit cards. These include VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, etc.
  • BPAY – RSQTrade happily welcomes BPAY users.
  • Bank Wire Transfer – In some cases, a client might choose not to use a credit/debit card as a method to deposit.
  • RSQTrade offers a convenient direct deposit through bank wire.

Also, RSQTrade has an extremely helpful support team in case of any problem, and it is always available to assist you with your account issues.

RQSTrade Review of education

The broker offers a profound and information section of educational materials on its website. You will be able to build a solid foundation for your online trading and investment with the RSQTrade Education Center.

  • Video Courses
  • E-books
  • Forex e-books
  • CFDs e-books
  • Entry-level e-books on cryptocurrencies
  • Webinars
  • Glossary

RQSTrade review of Customer Support

The broker is always ready to assist. RQSTrade provides all of its traders with friendly, efficient, and professional customer care to help make their trading and investment experience as flawless and enjoyable as possible. Their multi-lingual service staff is highly experienced and has a detailed knowledge of the systems and the financial markets. You can contact RQSTrade via email, phone, or live chat.

Email Support: [email protected]

Address: Nova North, Bressenden Place, London, SW1E 5BY

Phone: +27105348058

Review Conclusion: Why RSQTrade?

RSQTrade is fully committed to providing a smooth trading experience on over 1,000 top properties. On our cutting-edge next-generation trading platform, trade forex, stocks, commodities, and indices with no commissions or fees (desktop, mobile, or tablet). Take advantage of world-class support and live professional assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you trade with RSQTrade, you can do the following:

RSQTrade is constantly striving to develop our features and services to provide you with the best trading experience available today. The values of RSQTrade are creativity, openness, and development. The primary aim of RSQTrade is to maximize your trading ability through cutting-edge technical innovation and financial expertise. This vision is built on the foundation of mutual trust between RSQTrade and clients.

Stable trading on your desktop, smartphone, or tablet; Invest in a trading environment that is fully safe and stable. Discover the next-generation trading network RSQTrade; Take advantage of favorable spreads, high returns, and lightning-fast execution; with advanced graphs and analytical tools, you can fine-tune your market results.

Risk Warning:

Contracts for Differences (‘CFDs’) and cryptocurrencies are sophisticated financial instruments exchanged on margin. You should never put more money at risk than you are willing to lose. Before you decide to trade, make sure you understand the risks involved, considering your investment goals and level of experience. Trading CFDs and crypto carry a high degree of risk because leverage will work both for and against you.

As a result, CFDs are not suitable for all investors because you risk losing all of your money. CFD and cryptocurrency success in the past is not a good predictor of future results. The majority of CFDs and cryptocurrencies have no set maturity date. As a result, a CFD/crypto role matures when you decide to close an open position. If required, seek independent advice. Before you begin trading on the platform, read our entire “Risk Disclosure Statement.”



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