Russia requests China`s military help

Russia Requests China’s Military Help  

A U.S. official informed CBS News on Monday that the request from the Kremlin to Beijing primarily involves financial assistance; however, Russia also asked about drones. The Russians seem not to have expected that they or Ukraine would deploy drones in this conflict; this is why Russia turned to China, as stated by the U.S. official.

The Ukrainians have been operating drones, particularly Turkish-made TB2 drones, a senior defense official noted in a background briefing Monday. The drones are employed for surveillance and strikes and have been incredibly effective against Russian ground movements.

As stated by the official, the Ukrainians still have a significant prevalence of their drone inventory. The U.S. is in conversations with partners who have practical capabilities that the U.S. does not have about getting more of those weapons to the Ukrainians.

Russia Behind Schedule

As stated by the defense and intelligence officials, nearly three weeks into its invasion of Ukraine, Russia has failed far short of the progress Russian leaders anticipated. Last week, CIA Director William Burns told Congress that Russian President Vladimir Putin had relied on holding Kyiv within the first two days of the campaign.

U.S. officials say Russia’s deaths range from 5,000 to 9,000 killed in action.

At this point, the Kremlin has executed 100% of the more than 150,000 troops it had pre-arrayed around Ukraine’s borders before its invasion. Notwithstanding the high numbers, the Russian advance on Kyiv from three separate directions has made gradual progress towards Ukraine’s capital; notably, there were days when the troops stay stalled and sitting targets for Ukrainians.

The slow advance may have provoked the Russian demand for China’s support.

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