Samsung Stock Rises After Debuting AI Hybrid Refrigerator

On Thursday, Samsung Electronics’ stock experienced a significant surge after it unveiled its first artificial intelligence (AI) Hybrid Refrigerator.

In the Asian afternoon session, the tech giant’s stock closed the trading by increasing 0.74% to ₩81,800.00 ($59.00) apiece.

According to reports, Samsung has debuted its hybrid fridge, which utilizes semiconductor elements and AI to boost energy efficiency and performance.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this refrigerator is its cooling method. It ingeniously fuses Peltier modules, known for their thermoelectric capabilities, with a traditional compressor.

Moreover, thermoelectric modules are devices used for thermal management, which are capable of heating and cooling surfaces to maintain a specific target temperature.

Due to their lower power efficiency, these modules were previously frequently used in small consumer products, like portable coolers and minibar refrigerators.

However, Samsung’s advancements improved the modules’ power efficiency and allowed them to be used in the company’s recently debuted hybrid fridge.

Wee Hoon, the tech giant’s Vice President, stated that they have created a new refrigerator cooling system in which the compressor and semiconductor function together like in a hybrid car, resulting in maximum efficiency.

Hybrid Cooling System Aims to Cut Power Consumption: Samsung

According to Samsung, the hybrid cooling system of the refrigerator aims to reduce power consumption, as the fridge is one of the most electric consumers at home.

Reports show that the AI inverter compressor operates alone during regular operation to maintain constant energy use.

However, when a significant amount of energy is needed, such as during the peak ice season in summer or when a large amount of food is added, the Peltier module activates to deliver rapid and efficient cooling.

In addition, an AI algorithm utilizing machine learning features was developed to optimize operations by distinguishing between routine door openings and situations that demand extreme cooling.

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