Sea Unveils Robust Q4 Results, Tops Market Forecast

On Tuesday, Sea Ltd rose after it reported strong fourth-quarter results due to a successful expansion into e-commerce.

Its stock price improved by 21.84% to $80.06 a share on March 07. However, it is anticipated to drop by -0.07% to $80.00 apiece in the upcoming session.

The earnings per share of Sea increased to $0.72, beating the analysts’ -$0.64 estimates. Therefore, it is higher than the previous -$0.66 data.

Likewise, its revenue jumped to $3.45 billion, surpassing the $3.06 billion consensus. As a result, it beat the prior $3.20 billion results.

In addition, Sea achieved a 7.00% rise year-on-year, versus its revenue of $3.20 billion from last year’s quarter. Its higher earnings and revenue growth represent the firm’s improvement in its profit margin.

Furthermore, the entity’s e-commerce, Shopee, progressed to a 31.80% revenue improvement, equating to $2.10 billion.

Also, it unveiled that its net income turned positive to $422.80 million. It is better than the net loss of $616.30 million for 2021’s fourth quarter.

Moreover, its total generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) revenue for 2022 was $12.40 billion, up by 25.10% YoY. It topped the former $10.00 billion for the full year, which ended on December 31, 2021.

According to the Chairman and Group CEO of Sea, Forrest Li, they are starting 2023 on a solid footing. Their well-decided shift to focus on efficiency and profitability since late last year gave them meaningful improvements.

Singapore’s Sea Recovers from Cost-Cut Bite

After Sea Ltd surged in reporting its first-ever profit. The Southeast Asian gaming and e-commerce convinced investors of profitability. The company is recovering from a painful 2022.

Last year, it took crucial measures like staff layoffs, freezing salaries, and cutting over $700.00 million from sales and expenses.

Sea aggressively shifted from its previous stance, closing operations in India and some European and Latin American markets. This move is an attempt to lessen costs and gain positive cash flows.

According to CEO Li, they are monitoring the market environment and will continue to adjust their pace and tune operations. Also, the market valuation of Sea pushed to $45.00 billion.

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