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SoFinX Teams Up with TICKMILL to Boost Trading Experience

SoFinX, an innovative fintech leader, is partnering with the renowned multi-asset broker TICKMILL to enhance trading services and user experience amid the evolving global economy. Integrating SoFinX’s social copy trading platform with TICKMILL aims to offer users a superior trading interface.

Supporting Traders with Automation and Big Data

SoFinX’s social copy trading ecosystem provides essential tools for traders at all levels and features over 10,000 certified signal providers. Users can analyze profit and risk-avoidance tactics to match their preferences with suitable signals.

Investing has become more accessible; users can follow these signals with a click.

SoFinX and TICKMILL Partnership Benefits

Thanks to the integration with SoFinX’s platform, TICKMILL users now benefit from additional profit-sharing options and multiple signal sources. Online and offline trading competitions hosted by SoFinX are now accessible to TICKMILL users, fostering a community where traders can interact, compete, and enhance their skills.

Dedicated to User-Focused Innovation

SoFinX aims to build a comprehensive trading ecosystem for participants, from signal providers to investors. The approach enhances profit opportunities for experienced traders and enriches the investor experience with reliable signals.

Edison Tuan, SoFinX’s Founder & CEO, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership. He remarked, “TICKMILL set the standard in customer service and tech innovation in the past. This partnership will enhance customer experiences.”

About SoFinX

SoFinX, or Social Finance Exchange, is a versatile community that shares ideas and strategies. The company provides data to brokers and serves as a SaaS solution, diversifying services across forex, securities, futures, and cryptocurrencies.


TICKMILL, a multi-regulated broker, prioritizes safety, transparency, and tech innovation. The broker offers financial instruments and state-of-the-art trading tools, catering to traders globally.

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