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Sony Plans to Launch New Electric Vehicle Company

On Wednesday, Sony Group Corporation announced its plans to establish Sony Mobility Inc., its new electric vehicle company. 

The Japanese multinational conglomerate firm said that the venture marks its step in playing a more extensive role in next-generation mobility. 

Correspondingly, Sony looks to harness its strengths in entertainment and sensors by exploring a commercial launch of electric vehicles. 

The Tokyo-based business still stands as one of the world’s biggest entertainment companies with multiple prominent video game and movie franchises.

Additionally, it provides sophisticated technology in areas like sensors significant to autonomous driving. 

At the same time, its audio and entertainment systems are now a focus for the next-generation vehicles.

Sony cited that mobility could also be an entertainment space where passengers choose entertainment options and utilize a 5G internet connection.

Notably, Sony also unveiled its VISION-S 02, a prototype sport utility vehicle.

The SUV utilizes a similar electric car platform from the previously announced VISION-S 01. The initial concept car already began testing on public roads in Europe since December 2020.

After the announcement, the firm’s stock price soared 3.97% or 5.13 points to $134.16 per share. It also has a market capitalization of $169.19 billion. 

Wall Street now bet highly on electric cars as Tesla Inc. leads the auto industry. Investors also forecasted Apple Inc. to build its own vehicle soon. 

Sony Vision-S SUV Prototype 

Sony stunned the market with the Vision-S 02 SUV prototype, a seven-seat complement to the original Vision-S.

The concept included a complete 360-degree suite, including LiDAR and high-sensitivity CMOS image sensors.

Correspondingly, the vehicle has a pair of electric motors; each releases 200 kilowatts. It also rides on 20-inch wheels that weigh about 5,467 pounds.

Its interior flags an edge over its competitors as it is heavily focused on entertainment technology, which Sony holds more proficiency in. 

Furthermore, its broad digital dashboard and seat back-mounted screens display the Bravia Core video service.

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