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Spotify Adds COVID-19 Content Advisory to Podcasts

Spotify announced the addition of a content advisory to any podcast episode that tackles the COVID-19.

It will also direct its users to a public health hub containing trusted facts and information from medical and health experts.

The music streaming giant said that the effort would roll out worldwide in the coming days.

Spotify currently faces backlash in airing the popular podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience, ” despite concerns about spreading COVID misinformation.

It also came under fire from rock and folk legends, following a row of artists removing their music on the platform.

Subsequently, Neil Young spearheaded the move as he demanded the removal of his catalog of songs.

His move garnered wide praise for taking a stand, including the World Health Organization.

Accordingly, the musician also urged fellow artists to follow his lead.

Joni Mitchell said she would join the protest and get her songs pulled.

At the same time, Nils Lofgren took off his music on Spotify. He urged everyone to stand with healthcare workers and combat misinformation.

Then, best-selling author Brene Brown announced that he would not release any podcasts until further notice.

In line with this, calls for boycotts and canceled subscriptions flourished on social media.

The Swedish company expressed their regret over Young’s decision. However, they emphasized the need for a balance between the safety of listeners and freedom for creators.

In a statement, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek said that the firm would publish its platform rules. It would include guidelines for creators on what is dangerous and deceptive content.

Similarly, online media titans Facebook and YouTube have come under fire in recent years for allowing conspiracy theorists to spread their views.


Harry and Meghan Address Concerns to Spotify

Spotify’s response came after Britain’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have expressed their concerns over COVID-19 misinformation on the platform.

Accordingly, the royal couple initially raised the issue last April and urged the streaming business to root out the conflict.

They are among Spotify’s most notable audio personalities after signing an exclusive partnership with the service in December 2020.

The multi-year agreement includes numerous programs hosted and produced by the Duke and Duchess.

On Friday, Spotify’s share price closed 0.97% or 1.66 points higher to $172.98 per share.

It touched a 52-week low of $164.41 in the regular session due to market turbulence and the COVID misinformation controversy.

Moreover, Spotify skidded 29.15% or 71.18 points so far this year.

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