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stock dilution

Understanding Stock Dilution 

Some beginning or intermediate investors are often unaware of what stock dilution is. However, stock dilution can matter a lot. Stock dilution happens when a firm’s action raises the number of outstanding shares and decreases the ownership percentage of existing shareholders. It is relatively common for distressed firms to dilute shares. However, the process has …

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What is commodity derivatives market

What is the Commodity Derivatives Market?

The commodities market and commodity derivative contracts have been developing regularly for 25 years. They allow investors to diversify their assets. Also, these contracts are today available to retail investors thanks to many brokerage platforms. For the rest of the commodity derivatives contracts, their execution takes place on the stock exchanges. The demographic growth and …

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bitcoin mining

How does Bitcoin Mining works?

Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency in the world, is a sovereign system of digital money. It has no direct correlation to any real-world currency and is not controlled by any government or centralized entity. However, people can use it to buy real-world items at major retailers such as and Expedia. The miner who correctly solves …

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raise capital

How to raise financial capital?

It’s not a secret that running a business requires a great deal of capital. The first that comes to our minds while hearing the term “financial capital” is money. Assets, securities, and cash express financial capital. Corporate companies are constantly trying to raise capital. But the question is, how? Notably, a business can use two …

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bull and bear markets

 Bull and Bear Markets; What’s the difference

We often meet the terms “bull” and “bear” in the investing world, which refer to market conditions. The terms describe how markets are doing. Undoubtedly, the market director is a significant force that has a significant impact on investors’ portfolios. Therefore, it is essential to understand how bull and bear market conditions may impact investments. …

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does interest coverage ratio

What does interest coverage ratio tell us

What is the Interest Coverage Ratio (ICR)? The ICR gauges a firm’s ability to cope with its outstanding debt. It is one of several debt ratios that can help to evaluate a business’s financial condition. A firm cannot survive unless it can pay the interest on its existing obligations to creditors. Hence, a good ICR …

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market share

How companies increase Market Share?

Businesses rise market share by innovation, strengthening customer relationships, smart hiring practices, and acquiring rivals. However, what is market share? Market Share is calculated by measuring the percentage of sales or percentage of a company’s units in the overall market. Furthermore, a higher market is advantageous for companies as businesses with high market share often …

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