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Digital Currency, bitcoin, Brits bought more crypto than shares last year

Decoding Crypto: Popular Cryptocurrencies

Market capitalization ranks Cryptocurrencies. The value of a cryptocurrency immediately reflects investor desire. However, there are more complex stories behind the numbers about each cryptocurrency. Each crypto has its technological features for buyers and unique backstories. Here are a couple of the largest and well-known cryptocurrencies.   Bitcoin  Bitcoin is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency created in 2009 …

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bitcoin, Puerto Rico-based Arival Bank Integrates Crypto Exchanges

Bitcoin Crashes Suddenly Under $30,000

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices suddenly dropped lower sharply after weeks of uneasiness. The bitcoin price dropped under $30,000 per bitcoin as smaller cryptocurrencies, including Binance’s BNB, ethereum, Cardano, and dogecoin, reported double-digit rate losses, losing $200 billion in value last week. The sudden bitcoin and crypto decrease matches with a global stock market sell-off. Besides, …

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Ripple Sold Twice as Much as Demand Grows for Its Service

Ripple reported a 98% increase in its product sales even though there are ongoing legal battles with the Securities Exchange Commission. On May 6th, Ripple posted the report of its Q1 markets revealing that total sales net of purchases had gone from $76.28 million in Q4 2020 to $150.35 million in Q1 this year. Ripple …

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RAKBank Partners with Ripple Blockchains

RAKBank Partners with Ripple Blockchains

The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) largest retail and business bank, RAKBank, selected Ripple’s blockchain to provide cross-border payments from here on out. Ripple provides distributed ledger payments products for financial institutions. Announced Sunday, the partnership will now allow UAE locals to transfer money between accounts at the two institutions within a day. RippleNet’s blockchain technology …

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