tastyworks Launches Risk Analysis Tool

Tastyworks is excited to announce the launch of a new risk analysis tool

The risk analysis tool is a new addition to the trader’s arsenal. With it, they can analyze potential profits and losses based on a percentage move up or down and generate risk arrays for all positions and queued orders.

This new functionality calculates potential gains and losses at various price points, levels of volatility, and future dates using current market prices.

Traders can make better-informed decisions, monitor their risks more effectively, and ultimately improve their chances of success in the market.

The calculator considers the underlying security’s price and implied volatility and the trader’s own position in the security.

This allows traders to see potential profits and losses and manage their risks more effectively.

Scott Sheridan, the CEO of tastyworks, believes that traders need a better understanding of risk to succeed. He argues that traders can make more informed decisions by visualizing risk and option pricing models.

Sheridan stated that his company’s platform was designed with this in mind and that they remain focused on creating an experience that helps traders understand and evolve their trading strategies. He believes that having a keen understanding of risk is critical to a trader’s probability of success.

Sheridan’s comments come when many traders struggle to adapt to the changing market conditions. Sheridan believes that by providing better tools for understanding risk, traders will be better equipped to make decisions during difficult times.

Zero Hash Partnership

In 2020, Zero Hash and tastyworks entered into a collaboration to provide crypto trading services to the stock traders on the platform.

The integration allows brokerage customers to trade Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) using the same account they already use at their job.

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