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Tesla Achieves Strong Production amid Challenges

On Wednesday, Tesla rose in its afterhours followed by an announcement of impressive production and sales in China.

The company’s stock price went down by -1.12% to $192.58 per share on Tuesday. However, it is anticipated to jump by 0.07% to $192.72 apiece in the upcoming session.

For March, the number of deliveries was positive despite facing many challenges in the Asian country. They sold 88,869 vehicles in total for that period.

Tesla hit vehicle production improvements at an incredible pace while experiencing growth simultaneously. Its top development center was Giga Shanghai which topped a yearly production of more than a million vehicles.

The Chinese factory was ranked as the firm’s largest production hub, surpassing the Fremont, California plant. Last November, it reached a wholesale record of 100,291 produced cars within a month.

In the same period, Tesla had a 192.00% increase year-over-year and a 14.00% improvement month-on-month.

However, the whole automotive industry was pushed to make production cuts due to global supply issues led by the pandemic. This caused its highs to stabilize, leading to a decrease to 55,796 outputs in December.

Meanwhile, its numbers recovered from January to February, selling 66,051 and 74,402 vehicles in the first two months. The sales brought a 10.00% and 31.00% YoY success accordingly.

Camera Settings of Tesla to be Privacy-Friendly

According to analysts, the famous electric vehicle maker Tesla changed its built-in security camera settings to be more privacy-friendly. The move came after an investigation was held into the devices.

The Dutch Personal Data Authority looked into the company’s Sentry Mode. It is meant to protect the car from situations like theft or vandalism. The feature takes images using four cameras from the outside of the car.

When Sentry Mode is enabled, the gadgets continuously film around a parked Tesla, storing an hour of footage.

Due to some alterations, the surveillance is now off by default. In addition, it will only be able to store 10 minutes max of footage once turned on.

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