Tesla Halted Car Deliveries, To Cybertruck This Year

Tesla’s stock ended lower amid the delivery stoppage of Model S and X. Yet, it is projected to rise amid Musk’s statement that cybertrucks would be delivered this year.

On Friday’s closing session, TSLA’s shares ended lower by 0.01% to $164.29 apiece. However, is anticipated to rebound by 2.57% to $164.31 per share on Monday.

Last week, Tesla halted the orders for its two flagship EV unit, the Model S sedan and Model X SUV, in Australia.

According to its website, the order halt is now extended to several Asia-Pacific countries, including New Zealand, Thailand, and Singapore.

It is still unclear why Tesla began to stop orders in these specific nations since it did not provide an explanation for the matter.

Based on the entity’s latest first-quarter vehicle delivery and production report, it sold 422,875 units from January to March. 412,180 of this data comprises of Model 3 and Model Y, creating a new record for Tesla. However, the deliveries for the Model S and Model X plunged by 38%.

Hence, the EV maker has been aggressively adjusting the costs of its vehicle lineup in 2023.

During its latest earnings call, CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla could technically sell its vehicles for little profit. It is because the cars could earn more later when the company achieves autonomy.

Cybertruck To Be Delivered by Tesla This Year

On Monday, Musk stated that the Tesla Cybertruck could start its delivery later this year. Besides, the company will release a handful of futuristic trucks in 2024.

On April 05, the company said in its Master Plan 3 that the Cybertruck would have a 100 kWh battery pack. Yet, it is not clear if this data refers to a base model or another specific variant,

This battery pack size is the same as that of Model S and X despite the truck being wider and heavier compared to the sedan and SUV.

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