The New Google Home Replacement Is Coming Soon

Google has already teased the forthcoming launch of a redesigned smart speaker. Still, it has also arrived on Walmart store shelves.

When Google silently ended its the flagship Google Home the previous month, leaks of new Google Assistant-enabled devices began to surface. In reply, Google shared an image of the latest reported speaker to the press.

Even though WinFuture’s Roland Quandt tweeted in August that a new Google Nest speaker would be available at the end of the August and cost €100, it looks like the release will happen beside the Google Pixel 5 at Google’s September 30 event.

Almost a year has passed after the company started new smart home devices like the Google Nest Hub Max and Google Nest Mini. Still, the wait for a new addition to the best Google Home speakers roundup should be stopping soon.

Here’s everything it is known about the new Google Nest smart speaker before its appearance.

 Google Nest smart speaker price

The new Google Nest smart speaker’s price isn’t settled. Still, some estimates based on leaks and the company’s fixed pricing system can be made.

WinFuture’s Roland Quandt thinks it will cost €100, which converts to $120 — but that doesn’t indicate the speaker will cost that much in U.S. dollars. The Google Nest Mini is valued at €49 or $49, based on where you live, so it is tended to think the new Google Nest device will cost $100 as well.

That’s how much a user would have paid for the first-generation Google Home before it was extracted from Google’s online store, also. Substituting it with a renewed speaker at the same price point appears to make the most sense.

Release date

At this time, it can’t be pinpointed an accurate Google Nest smart speaker announcement date, but it seems like it’s coming soon.

Google revealed its former speaker during an official press statement. However, the company hasn’t developed a virtual event like its opponents Apple and Samsung have in current months. The upcoming Google devices appear in like the Pixel 4a could be seen — via press announcement and alone.

Although a launch in September beside the Pixel 5 appears more likely. Google declared its last speaker, the Google Nest Mini, at the Pixel 4 event last year.


Google dropped in front of the FCC leak with a teaser picture that placed the speaker in a more favorable angle and showed a cool Cloud Blue finish.

Similar to the other products in Google’s Nest audio collection, the new speaker arrives coated in fabric. The grille seems to cover the device overall, implying the elliptical-shaped speaker will stand above 7 inches tall. It seems to have a physical mute toggle and power port with state LEDs beneath the fabric.

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