The owner of an account with billion XRP tokens sold another 10 million


The owner of the account with 1.08 billion tokens of the Ripple network liquidated another 10 million XRP tokens for a total of about $5 million.

Such data was given by the XRPChat forum user under the nickname Horak, which follows the dynamics of this account since the beginning of 2018.

Bearwhale is active again… from r/Ripple

In total, from March to April, the owner of this account has sold 100 million XRP, with the fact that 30 million of them were liquidated at the lows in April.

“Several million XRP tokens at the same time are being moved to the accounts on the Bitstamp and Bitfinex exchanges, ” Horak said.

Some users suggest that the owner of the account may be the founder of Ripple, Jed McCaleb, who left the company in 2013. However, by agreement with the company, he has the right to liquidate his assets only gradually, while the owner of this account for the first quarter of 2018 sold about half a billion XRP for a total of $250 million.

Whatever, it was the sale of an additional 10 million XRPs, most likely, that caused the XRP rate to decline over the last 24 hours by 4%, with moderate growth of bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies.