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The Uptrend Center

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12 Hammersmith Grove, London

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Web Based

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GMT +1

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  • Fund and Account Security
  • The Trading Accounts
  • The Uptrend Center’s Trading Platform
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Broker Review: The Uptrend Center

The Uptrend Center

General Information & First Impressions

The Uptrend Center is an experienced brokerage offering trading services on a wide variety of trading instruments. The broker started operating in 2002, making it one of the most experienced players in the online financial landscape. Unlike many of its peers, it has actually undergone significant reworks through its existence, remaining up-to-date. As such, the firm presents an interesting mix of modernity and tradition that’s uncommon in online businesses. Our The Uptrend Center review will tell you whether the broker is the right choice for you.

The company works from the UK, which is one of our favorite spots for brokers. It guarantees a degree of safety while still leaving enough room for brokers to breathe. That allows traders to use their own style and tactic, even if it’s on the riskier side. The Uptrend Center’s exact address is 12 Hammersmith Grove, which we’ve confirmed as a real and viable location. As a result of smart online financial business laws, the broker doesn’t force traders into particular trading methods.

The broker’s website is easy to access and navigate, and it’s apparent that the company put effort into it. Unlike most companies of a similar age, actually runs and looks well. That’s in line with the company’s mantra of constant innovation and staying on top of trends.

Similarly, the broker seems to have readjusted its goals towards cryptocurrencies. As the trendiest asset class, that’s a move to make it more welcoming for modern traders.

All that together results in a positive first impression for our The Uptrend Center broker review. It is a unique mix that occupies a specific position in the market, increasing the likelihood of the broker catching on.

Fund and Account Security

The Uptrend Center

Besides quality trading conditions, you also need to make sure you’re safe when you’re trading online. Sadly, because of the hefty amounts of money involved, the online finance world is a magnet for scams. They come in all shapes and sizes, including scam brokers, who can cause you significant financial harm. As such, we check every brokerage to make sure they have good intentions towards customers. And although protection from hackers is mostly up to customers, we check that out as well.

Luckily, as we indicated in the opening of our review, the broker has numerous strong trust factors. The first is its experience, as it eliminates any chance that the broker is an underhanded company.

One positive thing about scams is that they die out quickly. The internet is viral in nature, and impressions about online companies spread quickly. As people are getting more competent in researching the services they use, scammers get exposed quickly. Once word spreads, their customer influx stops, and their “business” model crashes. Otherwise, they get caught by regulators.

Since The Uptrend Center has been around since 2002, the possibility of it being dishonest is nonexistent. An unviable company couldn’t stay afloat for that long in the cutthroat financial landscape.

The next thing we should mention is location, and as we mentioned earlier in our The Uptrend Center review, it’s in the UK. As far as popular broker locations go, the UK is the safest by far, with strong financial business legislation. That’s another layer of proof users have of The Uptrend Center’s effective functioning.

Lastly, we can also mention the external safety measures, such as encryption and account verification. The broker employs both to keep customers safer from hackers. Ultimately, a large part of that safety comes from your own online behavior.

The Trading Accounts

The Uptrend Center has an account structure that guarantees versatility and fairness across different budget levels. The formula is quite simple and quite common with online brokerages, with different account tiers based on cumulative deposits. The cheapest option requires $10,000 to activate, which is a reasonable sum for serious online investing. It’s an approach a lot of brokers take to ensure their customers have an adequate risk profile. It’s important to understand that the $10,000 requirement isn’t a payment since you can still trade with all those funds.

The same goes for the following accounts, with the Gold requiring a $50,000 deposit and Platinum requiring $100,000. Lastly, we have the VIP option, which asks users to make a deposit of $250,000.

Note that those are all luxury accounts, and The Uptrend Center treats them as such. The firm doesn’t hide any crucial features behind the higher price tags, making sure anyone can compete with their account. So even if you opt to stay with the baseline option, it’s unlikely you’ll find anything lacking. As we said earlier in our The Uptrend Center review, it’s an experienced company and knows how to treat customers.

The Uptrend Center’s Trading Platform

The Uptrend Center

The trading platform at The Uptrend Center matches its overall spirit. It’s modern and easy to use, making it easy to transition to. It’s also customizable and has analytical options, such as charting, making it a potent analysis tool. It proves that brokerage software can have the best of both worlds as technological aptness increases.

The default version is a web platform, making it simple to access from any device. That increases trader mobility and versatility, as you can use the Web trader anywhere. Along the same line, there’s a mobile app you can use to always have access to trading services.

Once you fund your account, which you can do with cryptocurrencies, you get full access to the platform. There are no features or asset classes hidden behind higher price points.

Customer Service at The Uptrend Center

The customer support at The Uptrend Center works 24/6, which is a day longer than most brokerages. That has benefits as operatives will usually get around to responding to your query more quickly.

The Uptrend Center


The Uptrend Center is a potent broker that does a lot to ensure its traders have a solid experience. It hits all the trust points you’d want it to, minimizing the chance of any foul play occurring. Furthermore, the effectiveness of the broker’s tools drastically improves your chances of staying profitable while trading.

Needless to say, our The Uptrend Center reviews end on a great note. We encourage you to try it out if you’re in the market for a new brokerage. We’re confident the broker will provide you with an experience and features that are both comfortable and potent.



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