ThinkMarkets’ New Security Feature Fights Fraudulent Calls

ThinkMarkets, an international digital broker based in London and Melbourne, is delighted to reveal a new security feature. The feature will assist customers in protecting themselves against the countless fraudulent calls plaguing online traders. 

Yesterday, they announced introducing a one-time password (OTP) endorsement into their contact process as an additional layer of verification. The innovative solution protects users against any possible malicious activity!

To ensure the security of its customers, ThinkMarkets has developed a new feature that allows them to request an OTP from any callers claiming to be representatives and then enter it into their ThinkPortal accounts. That way, they can confirm who is on the line with ease!

When you receive a call from one of the representatives and request an OTP, you’ll receive it via SMS, which you can verify on ThinkPortal – ensuring that the caller is indeed from ThinkMarkets.

ThinkMarkets widens platform and product offerings.

Recently, ThinkMarkets increased its retail FX and CFDs offerings by introducing a new security feature to the platform. In June 2022, they announced plans to launch their web version of the proprietary trading app, ThinkTrader. 

The advanced tool comprises 20 chart types, 50 drawing tools, and 125 technical indicators. Traders will gain valuable market insights anytime using the advanced tool features.

In 2021, ThinkMarkets released to assist institutional investors and was registered and regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). With a drive to expand their product range, in May 2022, they included more than 2500 US-listed stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and five new crypto CFDs just one month before.

The brokerage firm wants to expand its global footprint beyond its existing product listing and platform. Last February, they secured a $30 million investment to promote their expansion into multiple regions worldwide. 

After which, just one month later (March), they launched their system for Japanese users – having acquired Japan Affiliate forex corporation only a year prior.

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