TikTok to Face US DOJ Charges Amid Children’s Privacy Violations

On Thursday, it was announced that the US Department of Justice (DOJ) is preparing to sue TikTok over consumer protection violations.

The DOJ will file the complaint later this year on behalf of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Reports said the court will disregard allegations that the ByteDance company misled American users about their data security in the coming suit. However, it will charge it with violating children’s privacy.

Also, the Justice Department aims to scratch a part of the complaint. The claim states that the platform deceived consumers by failing to inform them that its parent firm’s employees could access personal information.

Meanwhile, TikTok and ByteDance urged a US court to remove a law that could ban their app in America. They added that the government refused to participate in crucial settlement talks after 2022.

President Joe Biden signed legislation in April that allowed its Chinese-based parent firm to divest the app’s assets until January 19. Alternatively, they could choose to face the platform’s ban, which 170 million Americans use.

In addition, the holding company states that a divesture is unattainable technologically and commercially, claiming that it is not also legally possible.

Media Literacy Hub Launched by TikTok

TikTok is releasing a media literacy hub to enhance users’ ability to identify misinformation and fake news before the General Election.

The popular social media platform created the hub with the fact-checking organization Logically Facts.

Additionally, TikTok said the new in-app space will focus on critical thinking and new literacy. Its topics will include spotting fake news online and strategies for consuming a balanced range of news.

This effort follows the rollout of a dedicated General Election Centre on the UK platform. It would direct users to official information gained from the Electoral Commission.

Moreover, the video-sharing app said it will ensure that its community has the skills to assess read information’s reliability and accuracy.

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