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Top 5 Cybersecurity Predictions of 2020

A serial high-tech investor and entrepreneur, and co-founder of the companies Check Point and Imperva, made his cybersecurity predictions for 2020 in one of his recent interviews. Shlomo Kramer has paraphrased the Red Queen’s observation in Alice in Wonderland, as he has said that if one wishes to stay ahead of cybercriminals, one must run ten times as fast as they do. The security expert has thus highlighted the importance of knowing the mind of the enemy and of basing future predictions on existing criminal activities and even technological innovations.  

Here, we created a shortlist of the hottest forecasts for the future.

1. The world of financial services will finally open up to AI. There is a high probability that the growing number of financial cyber-attacks will outweigh the skepticism towards AI systems. Banks will finally start using advanced ID recognition AI programs to identify fraudulent activities

2. There is a possibility of malicious forces using AI as their ally. Thus, they will be able to launch unlimited autonomous attacks with a reduced need for human intelligence

3. Criminals will probably misuse deepfakes, identity theft, speech technology, and other innovations. They could then manipulate these technological innovations to execute their attacks. In a way, it will possibly enable a new wave of media manipulation. As the US elections are coming, the danger of someone creating a political scandal is imminent. Thus, we will need to prepare!

4. Humanity will have to teach AI to fight itself, as cyberattacks are usually executed by mixing machine learning and artificial intelligence. They program the systems to exploit user behaviors and security gaps to calculate the right time to attack.

5. 2020 will be the year of 5G. The availability of 5G is growing slowly; as of now, it is capable of protecting its users from any DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attackers.

The development of Artificial intelligence in cybersecurity is an important topic on the agenda.

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