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Top three Stocks for Successful 2020 Portfolio and Details

Top three Stocks for Successful 2020 Portfolio and Details

For the Wall Street investors, this decade was kind to average. The 2010s are primed for going down as the first uninterrupted full-decade bull market of the history. China-U.S. trade war still seems to continue. Nevertheless, the economy of the United States is steadily improving. Naturally, not every year, we can see the record highs and 20% plus gains of 2019. But the portfolio of a handful of defensive-mind names and solid prospects seems to be wise-looking forward. Here are the three best stocks to buy for 2020.

Royal Caribbean

Your portfolio’s first stock to add should be Royal Caribbean Cruises. The company is operating cruise-ships and has seen three consecutive years of income growth. It is expecting its profits over the next two years. The market value of the company is $25.6 billion, with a dividend yield of 2.6%.


Royal Caribbean’s fleet is including four of the biggest titans in the water. For example, Symphony of the Seas, which is worth $1.35 billion. This cruise ship holds up to 2,200 crew, and 6,680 passengers throughout 18 decks split into seven neighborhoods.

Goldman Sachs

Another reliable company is the Goldman Sachs. Its market value hit almost $80 billion.


Goldman Sachs found a way to grow explosively. Since 2015 revenues have been gaining but spiked by 50% year-over-year in 2018.


The investment-bank giant stretches its tentacles. It digs into consumer and commercial banking. Via its partnership with Apple, it has added products like the Apple Card. It also said Marcus by the Goldman Sachs online bank.

Magna International

Also, the reliable stock is the Canadian dividend of aristocrat Magna International. The company is manufacturing significant automobile parts and components. Even it sometimes makes whole vehicles for the major automakers. The market value of the company is $16.4 billion, with a dividend yield of 2.7%.


These are the three reliable stocks for 2020.

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