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Trump Media Soars 13% Amid Election Optimism

Quick Look

  • Market Optimism: Nasdaq and S&P 500 futures rose in hopes of moderating inflation.
  • Stock Surge: Trump Media & Technology Group Shares surged nearly 13% after Biden’s debate performance.
  • Other Stocks: Phunware increased by 8.1%, and Rumble gained 0.5% in premarket trading.
  • Investor Sentiment: Investors’ optimism tied to Trump’s historical market impact and political dynamics.

On Friday, Nasdaq and S&P 500 futures saw an uptick, with investors buoyed by optimism regarding a forthcoming inflation report closely watched by the Federal Reserve. The anticipation is that this report will indicate a moderation in inflation, which could influence future monetary policy decisions. Trump Media is pivotal in this dynamic as its stock movements reflect broader market sentiments.

Trump Media & Technology Group’s Surge

Trump Media & Technology Group experienced a notable surge, climbing nearly 13% during premarket trading on Friday. This spike followed a less-than-stellar debate performance by President Joe Biden. Investors interpreted Biden’s performance as a potential advantage for Trump in the upcoming elections, driving the surge in the stock shares.

Phunware also saw a significant rise, with its shares increasing by 8.1% to $6.81. Rumble experienced a modest gain of 0.5%, bringing its price to $5.70. Trump Media continued its upward trend, with the stock rising by 7.3% to $39.54. Additionally, Trump Media’s NASDAQ (DJT) shares rose by 6.8% in premarket trading on Friday.

Investor Sentiment and Market Impact

The market’s response highlights several factors, including the historical influence of Trump Media on market performance. Investors recall the bullish stock market during Trump’s presidency, which might explain the current optimism surrounding Trump Media stocks.

The recent debate between President Biden and former President Trump was a focal point for many, with Trump Media playing a significant role in the market’s reaction. Biden’s performance, characterised by hesitations, contrasted sharply with Trump’s assertive, albeit often inaccurate, claims. This dynamic contributed to the surge in Trump Media’s stock.

Performance of Trump Media & Technology Group

Trump Media & Technology Group’s shares have risen by approximately 110% this year. Despite Trump’s legal troubles, including being found guilty of falsifying documents related to a payment to silence a porn star, the stock continues to experience significant growth. Trump owns a 64.9% stake in his stock, valued at around $6.5 billion as of the last closing price.

Despite Trump’s pledge to remain with his platform, Truth Social, following his ban from Twitter, he has since returned to X (formerly Twitter) after Elon Musk lifted the ban. This move has likely contributed to the increased attention and market activity surrounding Trump Media.

Poll Results and Public Perception

A flash poll conducted by CNN and SSRS among registered voters who watched the debate revealed that 67% felt Trump delivered a better performance, while 33% favoured Biden. Among Republican viewers, 96% believed Trump won the debate, compared to 69% of Democratic viewers who thought Biden performed better. This perception has impacted the stock market, with Trump Media reflecting the political sentiments.

Regarding presidential abilities, 85% of Republican viewers felt Trump was more effective, while 53% of Democratic viewers supported Biden. Interestingly, 27% of Democratic viewers felt neither candidate alleviated concerns about their abilities, which may influence future movements in the stock.

Voter Confidence

Despite these perceptions, 81% of registered voters reported that the debate had no impact on their voting decision. Only 14% said it made them reconsider, and 5% claimed it changed their mind. Among Biden and Trump supporters, only 3% indicated that the debate influenced their voting decision, yet Trump Media remains a key indicator of market trends.

Voter confidence remains a critical issue, with 57% of debate watchers expressing little to no confidence in Biden’s ability to lead the country. In contrast, 44% reported similar sentiments about Trump. However, 36% of viewers expressed strong confidence in Trump’s leadership abilities, compared to only 14% for Biden. These sentiments are reflected in the movements of Trump Media’s stock.

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