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U.S. intelligence discovers Russia planning Ukraine hostile

U.S. intelligence discovers Russia planning Ukraine hostile

President Joe Biden has promised to make it “very, very difficult” for Russia’s Vladimir Putin to exert military action in Ukraine as U.S. intelligence officials concluded that Russian planning is undertaken for a potential military offensive that could start as soon as early 2022.

The new intelligence finding measures that the Russians are preparing to deploy an estimated 175,000 troops. Almost half of them are deployed forward with several points near Ukraine’s border, as affirmed by a Biden administration official who talked on the condition of anonymity explain the finding.

It seems as Russia has picked up its demands on Biden to guarantee that Ukraine will not be able to join the NATO alliance.


Biden Promised to Make Action Difficult for Putin


The official replied that the plans call for 100 Russian battalion tactical groups and armor, artillery, and equipment.

Intelligence officials also have marked an uptick in Russian propaganda efforts through proxies and media outlets. They did this to denigrate Ukraine and NATO before a possible invasion, the official asserted.

Questioned regarding the intelligence finding as he set out for the presidential retreat at Camp David on Friday evening, Biden repeated his worries regarding Russian provocations.

Moreover, the chances of such a gambit for Putin, if he genuinely went through with an invasion, would be immense.

Putin clearly is laying the foundation for a possible invasion. However, Ukraine’s military has better preparations today than in past years. The sanctions intimidated by the West would do severe damage to Russia’s economy. It continues unclear if Putin plans to go through with a risky offensive, they speak.

Earlier Friday, Biden promised to make it “very, very difficult” for Putin to take military action in Ukraine. He declared new initiatives coming from his administration will deter Russian aggression.

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