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Uber Halts Operations in Brussels after Court Ruling

Uber Technologies will halt its leading ride-hailing service in Brussels, Belgium starting on Friday in compliance with a court ruling. 

Last Wednesday, the Brussels Appeal Court ruled out that a 2015 ban on private individuals offering taxi services must include professional drivers.

Accordingly, Uber noted that the decision would affect around 2,000 workers, urging the government to adjust taxi service laws rapidly. 

In addition, it earnestly urges people to sign a petition to save its drivers in the city. 

On Thursday, officials acknowledged a proposal to reform the region’s taxi and private car industry.

Correspondingly, they ensured the public that they actively look for a temporary solution for Uber. 

Subsequently, the transport company emphasized that the verdict is against the European Commission’s digital and green ambitions.

In line with this, it earnestly convinces people to sign a petition to save drivers who use Uber in the city. 

At the same time, the appeal court also imposed a $336,000.00 fine on Uber. 

In this case, two of the firm’s smaller segments must pay $338,694.00 for a complaint filed by a smaller firm, Taxis Verts.

Meanwhile, Uber emphasized that drivers prefer the flexibility of self-employment.

However, some of its workers explained that they struggle to earn enough money through the app while also missing out on employee benefits.

Nevertheless, Uber drivers protested the decision by blocking the main street leading from the European institutions to the center of Brussels. 

With this, the local mobility authority advised motorists to avoid traveling through the city.

Brussels is a significant city, whereas business representatives and politicians travel to the town regularly. Meanwhile, London remained as Uber’s biggest market in Europe. 

Moreover, the pre-market shares of Uber skidded 5.44% or 2.29% to $39.79 per share. 

Uber Focuses on Revenue Growth

Still, the ride-sharing and delivery business remained focused on boosting its revenue and income despite its various legal battles in Europe. 

Accordingly, Uber posted a target of  $90 billion in annual gross bookings by the end of the year. Last quarter, bookings edged up 57.00% to $23.11 billion from the prior-year period.

Consequently, it noted its continued growth as its workforce rose to 24,700 employees from 21,600 a year earlier.

Experts also explained that the company significantly benefited from selling more services to existing customers. 

Furthermore, Uber holds about an 11.00% stake in Didi after selling its operations in China to the firm.

However, shares of the Chinese giant plunged today as regulators asked for its delisting from the United States. 


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