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Confederation of British Industry

UK Employers Ask to Cut Tax on Electric Cars

The Confederation of British Industry said the value-added tax on electric cars should be cut from the standard 20% rate. Additionally, the cost of using public chargers. 

If businesses improve their buildings’ energy efficiency, they should also not face a higher property tax bill. Making their buildings more energy efficient would normally increase their value and the tax due on them.

For that purpose, the country’s employers asked the government for tax cuts on electric cars and refitting buildings. They have requested a review of tax policy by finance minister Rishi Sunak starting later this month.

A tax system is critical to unlocking the right kind of investments. The tax system discourages polluting behaviors and rewards greener alternatives. This was a statement from Rain Newton-Smith, the CBI’s chief economist.

Last week, British firms received a short-term tax break worth 24 billion pounds ($33 billion) over two years. This was to encourage them to invest. However, these companies then face the initial rise in the headline rate of corporations since 1974. 

Furthermore, the CBI said that a tax break should be extended longer for electric vehicles and building refits that boosted energy efficiency. 

This tax break is much like the costly new ‘super deduction’ in place for most physical business investments over the next two years. On March 23, Sunak plans to start a series of reviews into a longer-term tax policy.

As a way for Britain to reduce its budget deficit, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has suggested green taxes. The government is particular in showing that it is taking steps to achieve its goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. That’s before hosting the United Nations’ COP26 environment summit later this year.

The CBI has not been specific about the scope for taxes to increase. It needed a review of duty on vehicle fuel. This has been frozen for nine years. 

Moreover, it asked for longer-term clarity about carbon pricing under Britain’s Emissions Trading Scheme. 

Proposal to Fund Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Advances 

Meanwhile, a proposal encouraging more electric vehicle charging stations passed its first committee stop today. It would create a grant program.

The program should allow state agencies, local governments, and others to apply and get funding. That’s for the development of plans to install stations and cover the purchase of equipment and installation costs.

A proposed increase in license taxes for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles would pay for the grants.

Sen. Jeff Brandes (R-St. Petersburg), the bill’s sponsor, says the fees are needed. That’s because electric vehicle drivers don’t pay the gas tax, which funds Florida’s transportation infrastructure.

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