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St. Vincent, Ratho Mill, VC0000 Kingstown St.Vincent & Grenadines

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Uptos is an online brokerage firm which has been on the market for several years. Its headquarters is located in St. Vincent, Ratho Mill, VC0000 Kingstown St.Vincent & Grenadines. The company offers a broad trading range, making it possible for everyone from beginner traders to the experienced ones to use Upto’s services. Customers can select from a huge range of assets such as currencies, commodities, energies, stocks, derivatives, and lots of others.


There is much more to say about how the company runs the business. Uptos is proficient, trustworthy and dependable. Not only the broker provides complete investment assistance, but it also cultivated a safe and user-friendly online trading environment. All of these make the Uptos trading experience much more attractive. The company enables its users to invest and trade leisurely, with their own pace and limits. 


Considering a rich collection of investment options, this firm is one of the best on the market. Uptos is attuned to various kinds of investors’ needs. The broker uses its significant experience in the field to help maximize traders potential and through it – their profit. To achieve that result, Uptos offers three types of accounts. Each of them is developed with a different kind of clientele in mind. 

Furthermore, Uptos provides market players access to a wide range of trading technology along with online brokerage services. The company works with MetaQuotes Software – a renowned trading platform provider. Thus it offers its clients a multi-asset trading platform, MetaTrader5, which is a better, updated version of MT4. That is quite a luxury.

However, the trading world is often volatile and unforgiving. The first rule the experts outline for beginner traders is to diversify and choose several options to invest. It minimizes the chances of becoming destitute in case of failure in one venture. And that is one more advantage Uptos offers. This firm is an excellent choice if you want to diversify your portfolios. 

Uptos main objective is to be a reliable broker and provide top-level service. And according to their users’ reviews, they are quite successful in it. 


What can you trade on Uptos?

Uptos provides access to the world’s biggest exchange market, and it also comes equipped with powerful trading tools. Here is the list of some products you can trade using this platform:

Spot Shares – One of the Uptos’ advantages is its instant trading methods. It means that you can sell or buy more than 1000+ shares with a single click of a button. It’s super easy and convenient, as well as a time-saver.  

Spot Commodities – Uptos offers some of the most profitable commodities: Crude Oil from 6 pips, Spot Gold from 0.4 pips, and Spot Silver from 3 pips among the others.

Digital Currencies – if you are interested in cryptocurrencies, here is a chance to invest in the most famous one, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or XRP. 

Spot Indices – Using this broker, you could invest in all market segments with low fees, reasonable rates and minimum margin.


Spot Energies – if you are interested in spot energies, like WTI Crude Oil, Brent, and Natural Gas, you can use Uptos to invest in them with competitive conditions and reliable execution.

Uptos' key features

There are lots of brokerage firms out there, and most of them have attractive features listed. Considering unsatisfying terms are often dealbreaker when deciding which firm to choose, it’s nothing unusual. However, due to Upto’s strong desire to remain one of the best choices in the market, it has an impressive number of options. So, what does the firm offer exactly? Here are some of its main features:

Diversified, Multi-Asset Trading

Uptos offers more than 500 financial instruments to trade. You can sell and buy equities, currency pairs, and derivatives from ONE trading account, which is rather convenient. 

Access to the widest range of markets

Uptos provides access over 10, 000 markets on currencies and derivatives, which means that its clients can join the biggest market in the world. Considering its more than $5 trillion in trading volume, Uptos market is satisfying for high-profile investors along with those with limited resources. 

Guaranteed secure trading

Security is one of the vital features when deciding on the broker. After all, you trust them with your money and want assurances that it won’t be wasted or stolen. Safe trading is the Upto’s one of the main priorities. It offers the clients secure, effortless payment methods. Traders can invest or trade anytime and anywhere, using their Uptos accounts.  

The largest variety of Market Products

Uptos’ selection is truly astounding. The broker offers to invest in more than 250 products across multi-asset classes in the global markets. And all of them are accessible online.

Flexible leverage up to 1:400.

Uptos’ leverage is up to 400:1, which is quite reasonable. Thanks to that, traders can invest in major currency pairs and manage trading with much-reduced risk.

Most advanced platform

Uptos MetaTrader 5 enables customers to enjoy the freedom of movement to a full extent. The updated version of the MT5 platform has truly exceptional trading advantages. Furthermore, investors can work from any browser and any device.

Mobile Trading

The broker is available not only on Windows but also on Android and Apple. Such accessibility allows investors to trade with real-time pricing and advanced chart patterns anytime from any corner of the world. 


Uptos provides several other features as well, such as four types of trading order execution or transparency in Level II pricing. But pay attention that Uptos LTD does not offer services to users from several countries due to the specifics of their jurisdictions. The United States of America, North Korea and the Islamic Republic of Iran are among them. 

How about Funds and Trading Security?

Uptos takes safety issues very seriously. It provides high-level security for all its clients. The firm also assents to all existing international regulations and laws. Uptos makes sure to create a secure environment for trading or investing in its platform. 

Uptos Trading accounts:

The broker developed a diversified Trading Account Plans to assuage the various needs of its clients. It’s very simple and functional really. All you need to do is to register on a preferred trading account. 


Uptos enables investors to choose the account type that suits their needs the most. As a result, they benefit from reliable order execution, low floating pricing, no slippage, and other advantages. Depending on what are you looking for, you can choose from these accounts suitable one:  


Student account


Min. Deposit $250

0.01 is the minimum Lot Size

Metatrader 5 trading platform

Mobile Trading available

24 Hour Trading opportunity 


Starter account


Min. Deposit $2,500

0.01 is the minimum Lot Size

Metatrader 5 platform

Trading with the Mobile platform

24 Hour Trading opportunity

Islamic Account


Premium account


Min. Deposit $10,000

0.01 Min Lot Size

Metatrader 5

Daily Price Analysis

Mobile and Web Trading opportunity is available

Islamic Account

Specific Account Manager


Advanced account


Min. Deposit $25,000

0.01 is the Min Lot Size

Metatrader 5 platform

Mobile Trading

Account Manager

Daily Analysis


Pro account 


Min. Deposit $50,000

0.01 Min Lot Size

Metatrader 5 platform

Islamic Account

Account Manager

Daily Analysis available

Fixed spread


VIP account


Min. Deposit $100,000

A private Account Manager

How does Uptos Customer Service work?

The broker is always ready to answer all the questions or concerns regarding its platform or trading. It provides 24/5 active Support Desk. There is Live Chat available on Uptos Website as well. Feel free to contact the company if you need additional information:


Live Chat (available on Uptos website)

Call at +18559253933

Email to [email protected]

Uptos Trading Conditions: moderate or satisfactory?

Uptos takes pride in creating such a trading platform, which fits the needs of almost every type of investors or traders, despite their experiences or funds. It supplies advanced trading features along with a sophisticated collection of trading assets, opening lots of possibilities for its clients.


Furthermore, the company offers excellent security and provides with a comfortable and easily negotiable website, to make the trading process more comfortable. These are the several main aspects of Uptos trading conditions:


· Free training tools and market analysis
· Secured payment options
· Fast withdrawal without extra fees
· More than 400 trading instruments to invest
· Flexible maximum leverage up to 1:400
· No requotes, no slippage

Uptos Trading Platform

MetaTrader 5 is an excellent platform with lots of advantages. It attracts plenty of customers due to the freedom of movement and easy accessibility. You can use this platform from any device. Along with the mobile and desktop versions, the MetaTrader platform is available on the web. 


Furthermore, MetaTrader 5 can trade automatically by using trading robots and trading signals. That is an additional luxury for investors, making trading more convenient. And the platform is open for use 24 hours a day. 


Considering that MetaTrader 5 is the most advanced platform and offers the top tools and instruments for fundamental and technical analysis, there is really a no better choice. MT5 supports algorithmic trading and has the built-in Market of trading bots, copy trading, a database of strategy developers. All these advantages were the deciding factor for Uptos to choose MetaTrader 5 along with other numerous traders and investors.


Uptos Review – Worthy or not?

We discussed all aspects of Uptos brokerage, which are essential to know if you are looking for an experienced and dependable broker. As you can see, this firm offers an impressive list of products and values trust and reliability along with professional service above all else. 

Choosing Uptos means that an investor chooses several vital features for successful trading. Uptos offers financial services in 80+ countries worldwide, which means that it allows you to access the broadest market. Furthermore, the broker ensures maximum client protection with securing client funds in segregated bank accounts. 


Traders can build their own portfolio according to their needs and thus, invest effectively. Rapid access to the best pricing capabilities, as well as market liquidity counterparties, makes trading more profitable.


Along with various funding Options, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard, and Wire transfer among them, Uptos offers secure transactions and fast withdrawals with no extra fees. Its clients have easy access to their accounts from any corner of the world via Android/iOS mobile apps or web browsers. 


All in all, Uptos is one of the best brokers in the market. It fits genially to the demands of various clients within a wide range. We definitely advise you to choose Uptos if you want to get secure and professional service along with the diversified portfolio. 


However, remember that Uptos doesn’t offer services to users from certain countries, such as the U.S., the Islamic Republic of Iran, and North Korea. Furthermore, derivatives are complex instruments and come with a high risk to your capital due to leverage. It’s wise to take into account all dangers of such a venture before acting. Don’t make decisions with haste if you have any misgivings.



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