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US Stocks Climbed, S&P 500 Led 0.82% as MSCI World Index Up

On Wednesday, August 4, US stocks climbed led by the benchmark S&P 500 as the MSCI World Index rose 0.50%.

The S&P 500 Index progressed 0.82% with a net gain of $35.99. This sent the stocks higher at $4,423 per share.

Its best performers include Moderna Inc which ameliorated 11.51% or 39.90 points to $386.51 per share.

Then, Gartner Inc jumped 10.83% or 28.70 points to $239.67 per share.

Pioneer Natural Resources Co also contributed by rising 7.84% or 11.16 points to $153.51 per share.

Likewise, the Dow Jones Industrial Average spiked 0.80% with a net increase of $278.24. This sent the stocks above at $35,116 per share.

Its top performers include International Business Machines Corp which grew 1.87% or 2.65 points to $144.07.

Then, Amgen Inc increased 1.79% or 4.29 points to $244.08 per share.

Additionally, 3M Co also brought gains to the index by climbing 1.78% or 3.51 points to $201.03.

Consequently, the NASDAQ Composite Index smashed 0.55% with a net addition of $80.23. This sent the stocks up at $14,761 per share.

China XD Plastics Co Ltd led its gains as it surpassed 152.65% or 0.56 points to $0.93 per share.

Then, Arcturus Therapeutics Holdings Inc boosted 68.06% or 23.59 points to $58.25 per share.

Also, Flora Growth Corp rallied 62.53% or 4.89 points to $12.71 per share.

While its losses were led by E-Home Household Service Holdings Ltd which plummeted 61.10% or 12.44 points to $7.92.

World Stocks Mostly Up

Furthermore, world stocks were mostly up as the EU and Asia Pacific stock markets were mixed.

The MSCI World Index soared 0.50% with a net gain of 15.40 points to $3,092.51 per share.

In the London Stock Exchange, the FTSE 100 Index and FTSE All-Share Index both rose 0.34%.

On the other hand, Germany’s DAX plunged 0.09% or 13.65 points to $15,555 per share.

The same with the MDAX Performance Index which declined 0.24% or 84.84 points to $35,299 per share.

In the Asia Pacific, Japan’s Nikkei 224 dropped 0.34% or 94.50 points to $27,547 per share.

Meanwhile, China’s Shanghai Composite Index jumped 0.56% or 19.31 points to $3,467.30 per share.

Also, the Shenzhen Component Index raised 0.93% or 137.70 points to $14,874.62 per share.

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