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US Stocks Rose as S&P Rallied 0.16%, NASDAQ and Dow up 0.04%

On Monday, August 16, the US stock markets climbed as the S&P 500 led gains by 0.16%. The NASDAQ Composite and the Dow Jones followed as both rose 0.04%.

The S&P 500 Index smashed 0.16% with a net gain of $7.17. This sent the stocks above at $4,468.00 per share.

Its best performers were eBay Inc which spiked 7.45% or 5.13 points to $74.02 per share.

Then, Advanced Micro Devices Inc grew 3.80% or 4.05 points to $110.55 per share. Also, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc jumped 2.76% or 16.79 points to $624.79 per share.

Likewise, the NASDAQ Composite Index improved 0.04%, with a net increase of $6.64. This sent the stocks higher at $14,822.90 per share.

GreenVision Acquisition Corp led the benchmark’s gains as it soared 59.09% or 4.81 points to $12.95 per share.

PharmaCyte Biotech Inc followed as it boosted 43.42% or 0.99 points to $3.27 per share. Then, Flora Growth Corp contributed by increasing 35.97% or 4.55 points to $17.20 per share.

Consequently, the Dow Jones Industrial Average also increased 0.04%, with a net addition of $15.53. This sent the stock up at $35,515.38 per share.

Its top performers include Salesforce.com Inc, which developed 1.28% or 3.17 points to $251.56 per share.

Also, Microsoft Corp enhanced 1.05% or 3.04 points to $292.85 per share. Additionally, Walt Disney Co hopped 1.00% or 1.79 points to $181.08 per share.

Moreover, the Dow Jones Utility Average index was up 0.60%, with a net gain of $5.62. This sent the stocks above at $938.29 per share.

World Stocks Mixed as US Up


Furthermore, world stocks were mixed as the US climbed while the Asia Pacific was down.

On the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Nikkei 225 plummeted 1.91%, with a net loss of $536.03 to $27,441 per share.

TOPIX index also plunged 1.73%, with a net decline of $33.89 to $1,922.50 per share.

The Shenzhen Component Index also tumbled 0.30% in China, with a net fall of $43.85 to $14,755.18 per share.

Meanwhile, the Shanghai Composite Index grew 0.37%, with a net gain of $12.84 to $3,529.14 per share.

In Europe, the stocks are all up as Germany’s DAX ameliorated 0.25% with a net increase of $39.93 to $15,977.

In addition, MDAX Performance Index also jumped 0.32%, with a net gain of $113.91 to $35,918 per share.

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