Vitalik Buterin: too much attention is focused on bitcoin-ETF

vitalik buterin

Vitalik Buterin is not so happy with bitcoin-ETF and the strong media attention and stressed that too much attention is focused on this topic.

Ethereum creator expressed the opinion that the crypto industry is not that much needed in exchange investment funds, as in practical and useful applications.

According to Vitalik, the infrastructure of cryptocurrencies should be developed in such a way that the purchase of digital assets was maximally available for everyone, and their use did not cause any difficulties.

“I think that too much attention is paid to ETFs based on BTC, ETH or something else. At the same time, insufficient attention is paid to the fact that people could spend in a store on the corner a cryptocurrency in the amount of $5 to $100 with the help of a card. The former is well suited to pump prices, but the latter is much more useful for effective implementation, ” the creator of Ethereum shared his thoughts.

One of Twitter commentators expressed the opinion that both directions are equally important for cryptocurrencies. So, ETF can contribute to the development of digital money as investment assets, and simple payment solutions – the effective implementation of their exchange functions.

Vitalik generally agreed with the position of the commentator, but once again stressed the importance of a balanced and widespread introduction of cryptocurrency exactly as a means of exchange, as well as the development of practical solutions based on them.