WhatsApp enables customers to manage storage

According to the latest news, WhatsApp, an American freeware, messaging, and Voice over IP service owned by Facebook, has finally rolled out a release for a more effective way to manage Storage on our device. Besides, it will help us to identify easily, review, and bulk delete content that may be odd on our phones. WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging application, was created in 2019. The app allows customers to send text messages and voice messages, or make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, locations, and other features.

As the coronavirus pandemic forced people to stay indoors, WhatsApp was one way to communicate online with friends, family, or co-workers. The company continues to invent new tools in order to make its user’s life more comfortable.

WhatsApp, the social messaging app, now offers easy clean-up suggestions by bucketing both big files and media forwarded several times, sorting files according to size in descending order, and providing a way to preview files before deleting them. Concerning bulk deletion, you can also see a media preview before choosing one or multiple things to remove.

You can get the new feature by updating the app

Significantly, according to the WhatsApp messenger, the new storage management devices are rolling out to customers around the world this week. Hence, if you have still not got the update, you can manually update the app from App Store or Google Play Store or wait for it for another few days.

Once the update is accessible, you can navigate to the new device by going to Settings, followed by Storage and data, and access the Manage storage option.

The feature is really essential for WhatsApp over 2 billion customers as most of such messages are filling the phone’s memory. The storage management device has an added need right now with people living indoors and working from home situations among the new Covid-19 epidemic. Their only means to communicate with people is via such messaging and video conferencing apps.

Another significant thing is that WhatsApp also added a new, much-awaited device to clear Storage further. The giant company recently published the Disappearing Messages tool, which will make new messages sent in individual chats or group chats disappear after seven days once approved.

Significantly, allowing the settings will not touch the messages earlier sent or received in chat.

While the customers can turn disappearing messages on and off for individual chats, only the admins will get to use the device in a group chat.

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