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Wheat Dip Amid Yalos Successful Winter Crop Trial

On Wednesday, wheat prices declined amid reports that Lavie Bio had disclosed its commercial bio-inoculant product, Yalos, for the winter crop after a successful trial.

In the Asian afternoon session, US wheat futures ending in September plummeted by -1.29% to $573.50 per bushel.

According to reports, the expansion will boost Yalos’s potential market compared to the markets in which Lavie Bio operates. Moreover, winter wheat growers in the US will gain permission to use Yalos for the upcoming 2024-2025 season.

Reports show that winter wheat is a vital crop in North America and globally, contributing to agricultural wealth and the food supply.

Meanwhile, the US is anticipated to produce over 1.28 million bushels this year, with a market value of $5.00 to $10.00 million yearly, Lavie Bio estimates.

Yalos’ launch to this market presents significant opportunities to gain market share by boosting crop productivity and sustainability.

So far, Lavie Bio has concentrated on the spring wheat market, along with durum and barley, which collectively represent a smaller market than winter wheat.

Meanwhile, during successful field trials, Yalos has shown improved early vigor, biomass, root and shoot development, nutrient availability, and feed quality in winter wheat.

Furthermore, the leading-edge bio-inoculant product plans to use advanced biological technologies to lower crop abandonment rates and boost farm productivity.

Lavie Bio will Offer Yalos to Winter Wheat Growers

According to Lavie Bio CEO Amit Noam, they are thrilled to provide Yalos to winter wheat growers.

Moreover, Noam said that Yalos addresses critical growth problems and boosts health and yield. He also said his firm’s tactic is constantly bringing innovative agricultural-biological products to the market while expanding existing goods to more crops and regions.

Additionally, Lavie Bio is set to expand Yalos into other vital plants, like soybean and canola, with ongoing field test trials in North America and an anticipated commercial launch next year.

Reports show that the company estimated the US soybean market size to be about $56.20 billion in 2024.


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