Update: William Mougayar disagrees with the SEC

william mougayar

There was an email request to us to update this post from Ethereum Foundation. We waited for an official statement written by William so we are sure that he requests this and that the media saying that our quotations are wrong is right. So the bold parts of the texts are the updated version and showing the changes.

The world-famous entrepreneur and advisor of Ethereum Foundation William Mougayar (as the email request to us says, there is no such current advisory agreement, but when CNBC referred William like that he didn’t argue) stated in a context that financial regulators all over the world and this primarily applies to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), lacks a fundamental understanding of cryptocurrencies.

“The SEC is trying to educate themselves, not the public. They want to prove the point that investors should be educated and not just get into any investment that may be risky. But in reality, not everything is a security. But they want everything to play within this territory, “he said.

William Mougayar, who earlier this year announced the creation of an investment firm that will support crypto and lock-ups, also commented on the recent words of Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey and squared that bitcoin could become the native currency of the Internet.

According to the entrepreneur, he really considers bitcoin as such, but not the only one in this respect, and that there will be other such cryptocurrencies.

Moreover, William Mougayar believes that Ethereum will inevitably bypass bitcoin since it has the largest ecosystem of developers, start-ups, venture capital, and support.

“It’s not the technology itself that matters, but who uses it,” he said.