XRP new logo initiative

XRP new Logo Symbol community ideas

There is always a lot of buzz going around XRP, and so is in this case. Until June 1st, ideas for the development of the XRP new logo are accepted, and this is an open initiative for all comers.

Forbes announced the launch of the open initiative XRP Symbol, aimed at finding an XRP new logo and present a cryptocurrency symbol compatible with Unicode. The launch of this project is due to the fact that although the designation XRP corresponds to the ISO 4217 standard, still does not have a symbol that conforms to the Unicode standard. XRP uses a currency code but does not have its own symbol or currency sign, as can be seen in Bitcoin (BTC) – ₿. However, developers believe that XRP should still be treated like any other cryptocurrency, not securities. On the official Twitter page, representatives of the company decided to emphasize once again that XRP is independent of Ripple.

The XRP Symbol project has another important goal – to choose a logo for XRP, which does not coincide with the Ripple logo in San Francisco, which produces and develops financial products that use cryptocurrency. Since XRP does not have its own symbol or logo, this cryptocurrency is often associated with the Ripple trademark. Because of this, many people believe that XRP is a product of Ripple, and even goes so far as to call XRP “Ripple.” Of course, the perception that XRP is a product of Ripple is based not only on the logo, because the company is the main issuer of the asset. On the Twitter page @xrpsymbol you can find variants of logos that are offered by users, cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Offer your idea of developing a logo for XRP until June 1st.

At some point, Ripple owned 80% of the total XRP emission, limited to 100 billion units (the remaining 20% were distributed among its creators), which the company distributed on sales, grants, donations, and distributions. Currently, the company owns about 60 billion XRP tokens, most of which are deposited.