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You Can Pay at Amazon by Holding Hands Over a Scanner

The past week, the world’s leading company Amazon introduced new Amazon One, technology which will allow shoppers to pay for purchases by holding their hands over a scanner. Amazon One provides an alternative way to pay for confirming loyalty cards using a scanner at checkout counters.  The technology may announce a new system of identifying yourself and funding for things that could change the way people shop, use public transportation, enter concerts, and many different things.

We all use a fingerprint scanner or facial recognition to unlock our smartphones. We know that our voice can be used to identify us. Moreover, with the use of voice recognition, we can access the different devices we can secure government or corporate offices. The company’s new technology takes biometrics further by enabling shoppers to pay for purchases with an easy scan of their palms.

According to vice president of Physical Retail & technology Dilip Kumar, the reason for creating parm recognition is that it’s more private than other biometric technology. Moreover, a person would be required to purposefully flash a palm at the Amazon One device to engage.

On Tuesday, Dilip Kumar reported: “And it’s contactless, which we think customers will appreciate, especially in current times.

According to the latest news, Amazon One will be available in different  stores in the following month. Additionally, the leading company considers the technology is applicable elsewhere.

The system charges you automatically

With the help of Amazon one, the shopping experience is incredibly fast. It needs less than a minute to set up the scan of his palm at a small kiosk, connecting it with his credit card, mobile number. Additionally, Amazon Go shops have no cash registers, so there’s no place to wait in line. With no need to even use a phone;

It’s evident that this technology has future potential, which Amazon is already offering to other companies. Imagine the benefit of using your palm to board an airplane, pay for your groceries, enter an event, or identify yourself at your workplace.

How to use Amazon Go? Once you scan yourself, pick up whatever you want, and walk out. The system charges you automatically. Significantly, Amazon has also allowed technology to other businesses. Adoption of Amazon Go technology will be challenging. Mainly because it depends on a storewide array of cameras and sensors that track every shopper. Amazon One, which requires only a scanning device, would be a lot more comfortable to use. That means you may find yourself paying for things with your palm sooner than you think.

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