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Zoom has Added Another Feature to Raise Security

We all know Zoom, the popular video conferencing platform, which increased sharply during the coronavirus pandemic. Schools, universities, and even jobs are using the platform regularly. Therefore, according to the latest news, Zoom has added another feature to raise security. The new external authentication feature should support classrooms, ensuring they are secure during the pandemic. Using the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature, Zoom users will be able to log in one time, under one set of credentials, to reach all the applications, data, and services they need.

Zoom already has a SSO option making it easier for faculty and staff to access their Zoom accounts securely. That experience is now widespread in the classroom for students who do not need a Zoom account but benefit from a more centralized access experience.

According to Chief Technology Officer, Ittelson, students are identified within the meeting using the name from your identity provider (IDP). Only verified students are able to enter Zoom’s conference, which provides a host of advantages.

Taking attendance has never been easier

Moreover, he added that Zoom’s dashboard logs every student’s Zoom meeting history. This feature makes taking attendance significantly easier.

Additionally, one of the significant companies, Zoom, announced that its external authentication for school and IT administrators adds a more security layer to their hybrid learning processes.

However, during the pandemic, since people must work from home, Zoom gained popularity.

Several Zoom Bombing episodes faced hackers and spammed with pornographic content. Threatening messages emerged, adding to the worries of parents and lecturers.

So, Zoom has added another feature to raise security. The giant company introduced some new features over the past few months to protect users’ data and prevent security breaches.

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