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Zoom Obtains Video Production Assets from Liminal

Zoom Communications announced on Monday that the company had purchased video production assets from Liminal Entertainment Technology. 

The latest acquisition includes broadcast tools ZoomOSC and ZoomISO apps built by the event solutions firm. 

Correspondingly, Zoom OSC aims to enhance professional meetings using the Open Sound Control (OSC) protocol. 

This function will integrate the video conferencing platform with third-party software and hardware. 

Then, the ZoomISO creates individual video outputs of the participants in a virtual meeting or Webinar.

This feature will allow live streamers to place each video feed as a separate output inside a vision mixer, switcher, or media server.

At the same time, the companies mentioned that two of Liminal’s co-founders, Andy Caluccio and Jonathan Kokotajilo, will join Zoom.

Correspondingly, this move reflected the preparations of the video conferencing company as the pandemic moves into its third calendar year. 

At present, most of the events have shifted online, and organizers demand more features from apps such as Zoom. In line with this, the company had to widen its offerings.

Its latest purchase positioned itself to more extensive virtual events and experiences connecting in-person and virtual.

Meanwhile, Liminal’s existing tools will still be available through its website. 

Zoom Events, an Effort to Expand

Zoom has exerted a series of efforts to dive into large-scale virtual events this year.

Last June, the business launched Zoom Events, an all-in-one platform for virtual experiences, enabling users to create event hubs.

The new feature also allowed consumers to sell tickets and hold multiple Livestream sessions. This update aims to be a comprehensive solution from large user conferences to smaller events. 

Last month, Zoom also rolled out post-session advertisements to primary user hosts in selected countries.

Correspondingly, the initiative will enable the firm to monetize its free basic audience.

Meanwhile, its stock price slightly skidded 0.23% or 0.43 points to $187.01 per share in the after-hours trading today. 

Subsequently, Zoom trailed its Monday plunge of 2.20% or 4.21 points to $187.44 per share.

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