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Quiet forex day trading for today
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Quiet Forex Day Trading for Today

The forex day trading markets appear to be quiet as the week starts. The US dollar, for example, has barely moved and has been trading in a very narrow range, around 104. Last week, by

Yen exchange rate hits back against the dollar
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Yen Exchange Rate Hits Back Against the Dollar

The yen exchange rate seems like it may start recovering after a rather poor weak. In terms of yen to dollars, the pair has managed to move below 150.50, ending at around 150.30 this Friday.

CHF exchange rate loses against strong USD
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CHF Exchange Rate Loses Against Strong USD

The USD/CHF pair has managed to regain some value this Thursday after some of its losses from recent sessions. The CHF exchange rate has suffered as a result. Overall, then, this means the pair has

Euro rates draw back to almost 1.06
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Euro Rates Draw Back to Almost 1.06

The euro rates have been declining consistently against the US dollar starting on Monday. At the current point, the EUR/USD currency pair has lowered to around $1.066 as of Tuesday and continues to fall. So,