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Forex, Commodities, Stocks

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Victoria Park Road, Kingstown, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Kingstown P.O. Box 4457.

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Monday to Friday


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MetaTrader 5

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Other trading instruments:

Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Energies, Shares, CFDs, Cryptocurrency, Precious Metals


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Quick glance at Fundiza

Fundiza Ltd is a brokerage service provider with registration number 25770BC2020 and a trading website The company is based in St. Vincent & Grenadines at the address Victoria Park Road, Kingstown, St. Vincent & Grenadines, Kingstown P.O. Box 4457.

The company was founded in 2019. Nevertheless, soon established itself on the market and gained popularity. Fundiza has a positive reputation as a transparent online broker, rapidly gaining customers.

Fundiza Review, Fundiza Review

Fundiza’s website looks quite different from the traditional online broker. It doesn’t present market news or tickers; its homepage only has a description of the broker and physical address, registration, and licensing. At the bottom of the page, visitors will find links to all the policies and legal documents. The Footer section displays investment and trading, such as complaints, refunds, and so on. Such an open approach is novel in the brokerage industry. Usually, brokers conceal any information associated with their liability.

Thanks to it, Fundiza is gaining a positive reputation and trust. Having positive feelings is the first step to engage with a financial broker. However, there are more virtues Fundiza can recommend.

The website is very well designed. It provides precise information about the broker, and its services, assistance, and the trading platform they provide.

The company uses the MT5 platform with outstanding trading possibilities and technical analysis tools. It manifests the broker’s commitment to its client and a technologically advanced mindset.

Based on the tools Fundiza offers, beginners could undoubtedly do well.

However, the broker seems more suitable for intermediate and advanced traders due to the high minimum investment it requires.

Fundiza only offers the website and support for the service in English. Considering that the broker is new in the industry, that could change soon.

Let’s take a more in-depth look.

Regulations & Licenses at Fundiza

Fundiza provides clients with the MetaTrader 5 platform, which is famous for its high charting capabilities. The platform is characterized by advanced financial trading functions and excellent tools for technical and fundamental analysis. The MT5 is all-inclusive and gives clients the ability to trade currencies, indices, equities, and commodities in one.

The MetaTrader platform will let traders discover a new understanding of markets. It will also give them the history and the potential future direction the asset prices might take.

The platform can be accessed with any device. So, traders can get the desktop version of the MT5 platform or the mobile version. They are available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

The mobile version of the MT5 makes trading on the road easy for traders. The application is as powerful as the desktop version. Thanks to the mobile version, clients can reach the market anytime to keep track of price moves.


The platform offers a wide number of assets. One of them is a Forex, trading major, minor, and exotic currency pairs. The platform has gold, silver, and other precious metals, as well as commodities like crude oil, wheat, sugar, and corn. Besides, the broker offers 300 different shares and more than 40 significant indices.

Furthermore, leverage is as high as 400:1. However, the use of such a high ratio is not recommended for traders with little experience with the market.

Fundiza provides four types of trade orders: market orders, limit orders, stop-loss orders, and trailing stop orders.

The platform additionally provides alerts and notifications.

Opening an Account with Fundiza: Hard or Easy?

Opening an account with Fundiza is very simple. It provides the three-step registration process.

The first step includes the necessary information for trading such as name, email, number, country, and referrals. The latter is essential.

The referral box in the registration signifies that there are bonuses upon registration. They don’t hesitate to show appreciation to their loyal customers. That’s a massive plus for a broker.

If you attempt to fill in false information, you are sent to the referral desk. It shows how excellent the company’s customer service is.

Fundiza Review, Fundiza Review

The second step is the deposit requirements section. You put in your payment information and the selection of the trading level.

The third step is the trading step. You only need to download the trading platform and start trading. However, the trading platform is not available in every country. It is open to European countries, Asia, and most of the Middle East except for the US, Syria, Iran, and North Korea.

Costs and Spreads

Fundiza has very reasonable costs and spreads. The fixed spreads make the broker one of the best in the industry. The best spread you can get on major Forex pairs is as low as 0.1 pips. The average spread is 0.3 pips. It is still quite competitive since you usually don’t get spreads that low, nothing to say about 0.1 pips.

As we already mentioned, the initial deposit on Fundiza is ranging from $5,000 and levels up to $1 million or more.


The good thing is that Fundiza does not impose any deposit or withdrawal fees. Still, terms and conditions indicate commission charges and other fees. Those paragraphs show that the broker deducts unimplemented and uncompleted shares in the trading process. Or it cuts reserved shares or contracts the client’s trading account, which is equivalent to 1% to 5%. You can read about them in detail on the broker’s website.


Fundiza does not impose deposit or withdrawal fees. However, it does not mean that third-party providers might not impose their taxes.

Fundiza accepts bank transfers, electronic payment channels, and credit and debit cards. Bank transfers take one business day to process, and withdrawals take from three to five business days. The broker also provides a list of approved banks.

Credit and debit card deposits are accessible within minutes, and withdrawals take less than one business day.

Account types on Fundiza

Fundiza offers several account levels. They differ from one another based on the amount of a client’s deposit. Benefits are increasing on each level.

Level 1, Rookie, is the lowest level the broker offers. The minimum deposit here is $5,000. The level futures MT5 trading platform, with a mobile version available. The minimum requirement for the lot size is 0.01 lots for this level. It has an account manager and is supported for 24 hours. It’s worth mentioning that customer service is available on weekdays, except for weekends, since there is no weekend trading. You can contact the support team by phone, email, or online chat. The customer support staff seem professional, and they provide all the information about the platform and services.

Level 2, the Basic level, requires front money of the amount of $25,000. The level offers the same features as level 1. However, it gives a customer the ability to trade far more assets.

Level 3 is the Premier level. At this account, the minimum deposit is $50,000. Besides the features offered in previous levels, this Premier level offers an economic news feed as well.

Level 4, the Elite level, requires a minimum deposit of $100,000. At this level, customers get all the features mentioned above. Also, the account offers a technical analysis of the markets.

Level 5 is the Elite Plus level. The minimum deposit on this level is $250,000, offering the same features as the previous account. Compared to the rest of the last levels, Elite Plus offers a huge difference.

Level 6, the VIP level, is the top level. The account is for ultra-wealthy clients, with a minimum deposit of  $1 million. Besides all the features mentioned above, the account offers, VIP clients receive all help they might require from the broker.

Currently, Fundiza does not offer a demo account.

Education and training at Fundiza

Since Fundiza is new on the market, the broker’s website does not provide education or training. Still, dedicated account managers provide their clients with a trading education. You can get training on any of the markets on plenty of online websites, forums, and groups that offer such opportunities.


Thanks to its transparent approach and clearly presented services, Fundiza is rapidly gaining a good reputation. Online reports also prove it.

The broker is focused on experienced traders; thus, its minimum deposit requirements are high.

The vast array of currencies, commodities, and equities confirm the experience the trader has.

MetaTrader 5 platform, with transparent pricing and excellent customer support, makes Fundiza a perfect choice for traders.



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