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Xpoken Review: Is it Trustworthy?

The most effective and trustworthy intraday trading method is that of Xpoken. Their stock picks are incredibly reliable and sincere. At the time of trade, they answer calls personally and offer assistance. They have devoted client advisers that individually stay in touch with clients and give them guidance on when to enter and when to depart. Many have used their approach for numerous intraday trades and made good returns.

In our perspective, Xpoken’s remarkable social interaction elements make it impossible to label it a hoax. Every user has the option to build a social profile. There, traders can provide personal information about themselves, such as their background, abilities, and interests. In addition, users can send private messages and start their own blogs.

Additionally, this platform has a large number of forums where people may discuss Xpoken and other topics. You can get in touch with the customer support team in a number of ways. You might start by using the live chat, which is offered on every page of the broker’s website. Additionally, you can arrange a conversation with the broker’s representative. The customer support team goes above and beyond to assist traders whenever they need it.

On the broker’s website, there is also a specific FAQs area where you can get answers about often asked questions, which may be of great use to many. We attempted to get in touch with the customer service team and we were extremely pleased to see how helpful and quick they were.

Available Trading Instruments

Over 1000 trading products are available from Xpoken’s diverse inventory. A broker offers trading on about ten distinct financial markets. The list of items you can trade with Xpoken is provided below:

  • Forex
  • Metals
  • Bonds
  • Commodities
  • Stocks
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • ETFs

About 50 different currency pairings are available for trading on Xpoken. The maximum leverage for the currency pairs is 1:500. Spreads for the traditional account begin at 1.2, but there is a chance to achieve spreads of 0.0 pips on the currency pairs as well. A lot is 100,000 units in size.


The portfolio of the instruments includes 6 distinct metals from the broker. Palladium, platinum, silver/EUR (XAG/EUR), and silver/USD (XAG/USD) are some of these metals. Both Gold/EUR and Gold/USD (XAU/USD) are exchange rates. There are various standard spreads for these items. For instance, the spread for Silver/EUR and Silver/USD is only 0.03 pip, but it is 11.4 and 4.31 pip for Platinum and Palladium, respectively. Leverage is available for trading Gold/EUR or Gold/USD at a ratio of 1:200, Silver/USD or EUR at a ratio of 1:100, Platinum at a floating ratio, and Palladium at a ratio of 1:20.


Xpoken broker customers can trade either US crude oil or UK Brent oil. These products have spreads of 0.08 and 0.09, respectively, with leverage of up to 1:66. Additionally, Xpoken provides CFDs on energy products with spreads of 0.07 for Brent Oil in the UK and 0.11 for Crude Oil in the US. Energy-related CFDs continue to offer the same leverage.


For trading derivatives, the company provides some of the most well-known stocks, such as Apple, Amazon, and Facebook. For Xpoken customers, there are more than 55 stocks accessible, with spreads ranging according on the products. A maximum trade size of 5,000 shares is permitted. The leverage for all shares is 1:14. Additionally, commission costs are charged on shares that are traded at a 0.1% premium.

Xpoken review


On the broker’s trading platform, traders can access all of the major stock indices from around the world. On the website, 11 indexes are featured in total, including the Australian 200, the France 40, the German 30, the Japanese 225, the Netherlands 25, the Spanish 35, the Swiss 20, the UK 100, the US Tech 100, the US Wall Street 20, and the US SPX 500. The spreads are relatively small; for instance, the US SPX500 is offered for a 0.4 pip spread. For indices, the leverage is 1:200.


The Euro Bund, UK Gilt, and US 10-year Treasury Note are the three bonds that Xpoken is offering. The spread for the US 10-year Treasury Note is 0.07, while it is 0.05 for the first two bonds. There is a 1:50 leverage available for trading. When trading bonds with Xpoken, there are no commissions to pay.


For its customers, Xpoken offers five different commodity items. Copper, cotton, coffee, cocoa, and sugar are in the list. While cotton and cocoa have 1:66 leverage, the majority of them have floating leverage. Depending on the products, the spreads change.

Xpoken review

Trading Account Types

Security is the main attribute of any professional broker, and that’s why we choose to discuss XPOken.

The process of opening an account with FBS is quick and simple. However, keep in mind that the broker abides by the KYC rules, which necessitates that you give the broker a variety of documents, such as a copy of your ID or driver’s license to prove your identity and a copy of a utility bill to prove your address.

  • Student Account: $250 minimum investment; EUR/USD spreads starting at 1.5 pip; minimal educational resources
  • Starter Account: $10,000 USD minimum investment, 1.2 pip spreads, intermediate teaching materials, one risk-free trade, personal assistant
  • Premium Account: Minimum investment is 50,000 USD, spreads start at 0.9 pip, 3 risk-free trades, account manager, ECN account, cash rebates
  • Advanced Account: Investments starting at 100,000 USD, spreads starting at 0.9 pips, professional instructional materials, three risk-free trades, account manager, ECN account, cash rebates, and exclusive promotions
  • Pro Account: The minimum depositing amount for this account is $500,000
  • VIP Account: The minimum depositing amount for this account is $1,000,000

Trading Platform

It should also be highlighted that according to our Xpoken review, the broker offers a very robust trading platform. For example, it gives its customers the freedom to choose the Stop Loss and Take Profit options, which were created to protect their gains while lowering the likelihood of losses. Traders will also benefit from its comprehensive technical analysis tools as they help them accurately predict probable moves in the currency market.

The broker offers a wide range of trading platforms to meet the demands of each client. Trading may be done on a desktop computer or while on the go thanks to the alternatives. Both programs are available as installed or web-based utilities. Furthermore, Xpoken provides its customers with the option to trade using their mobile devices, supporting all models, including IOS and Android.

In addition, it is difficult to leave out the web-based Xpoken platform, which merits a mention in our Xpoken review. It offers a variety of practical tools and equipment to its consumers to make trading even more efficient. It also offers a wide range of charting tools, numerous order types, level II pricing, as well as a high level of velocity when it comes to making and closing trades.

Additional Information

Let’s discuss the broker’s customer service and the broker’s communication channels to wrap up our assessment of Xpoken. We discovered three channels on the internet that you can use to seek assistance with almost anything. Here are available ways:

There are a few minor variations among the techniques, despite the fact that they are all quite rapid and useful. For instance, contacting the broker by phone or live chat is the quickest option. However, email support will allow you to have the most in-depth conversations with the support staff.

The same payment options can be utilized for withdrawals. However, depending on the method you choose, the length of time it takes for your withdrawals to be completed varies. There is a 48-hour maximum waiting period for withdrawals.

Final Thoughts

As we saw in the article, Xpoken is a highly reputable broker with many accolades, and they are for the right reasons. The broker offers flexible support for traders’ needs as well as competitive trading conditions. Xpoken provides one of the highest-quality customer support services, with toll-free hotlines, round-the-clock support, and a comprehensive FAQ page, in addition to the brokerage firm’s vast range of trading instruments, dozens of trading platforms, and great promotional programs.

Furthermore, Xpoken is committed to educating its clients about trading in general, the tactics, market analysis, and a host of other educational topics. The broker’s official website offers a variety of classes, webinars, and educational events. Our Xpoken review comes to a close with the affirmation that Xpoken truly deserves all the accolades it has received for its exemplary trading conditions, superior customer service, transparency, and customer protection.



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