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500pips Review: About the Brokerage

If you’ve been searching for a modern broker that is innovative and technologically savvy, you’ve stumbled upon a goldmine of a brokerage. Let us present you a marvelous addition to our long list of quality brokers – 500pips.

In this review, we’ve analyzed the broker’s every single product. Our 500pips.com review will aim to help you decide whether this is the right broker for you.

Besides, the company is a part of Pepper group LLC, and it is a modern marketing firm that resides in Chicago. It also helps the broker scale resources to raise the bar for traders worldwide.

The 500pips is a unique brokerage as it combines lightning-fast execution speeds and raw spreads.

This is the place to start the most innovative way of investing and trading!

Safety and Security of client funds

Safety and security of funds come as an utmost priority to every respectable broker. 500pips, as we saw in our review of the platform, put a lot of effort into maintaining top-notch protection of their clients’ security of funds. 500pips.com utilizes the most up-to-date encryption. Thus, clients’ orders, bids, withdrawal, fun, and other important information are under protection at all times.  

The broker will not share personal details with any outside agency or a third party. Moreover, it operates under a guaranteed no hidden fee policy, with the deposits and withdrawals process being fast and convenient.

500pips Review, 500pips Review: Modern, Innovative and New

500pips Review: Trading Platform

In our review, we have already established the broker’s functionality. As we’ve described all the broker’s tools and offers, we want you to pay very close attention to the overall functionality and usefulness of the platform and its products.

500pips.net lets users trade via its top-quality proprietary platform. The software’s intuitive UI leads to a quick learning process so you can get nearly straight to trading. However, even with the intuitiveness, the platform maintains powerful analytical capabilities. As such, a trading terminal is a fantastic tool for those just starting and those who know the ropes.

We should also note that the platform comes in web and mobile forms. The former allows you to turn any desktop into a trading terminal via an internet browser. The latter requires a download but lets you trade wherever as long as you have your phone with you. Both options vastly increase the mobility and convenience of traders.

500pips’ Trading Products

This broker has an excellent variety of assets with an extremely detailed page for them to boot. As such, even before signing up, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into with 500pips.net. While the broker does focus on Forex and CFD trading, it also holds other trading instrument varieties. Here’s what you can expect to see in 500pips’ trading product window:

• Forex – NZD/USD, EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, USD/CHF, etc.

• Crypto – BTC, Ethereum, etc.

• Indices – S&P500, NASDAQ, DAX 30, Singapore MSCI Futures MAR21, Taiwan MSCI Futures, Euro Stoxx 50 Futures.

• Stocks – Lloyds Bank, Rolls Royce, EasyJet, Fresenius SE & Co, Deutsche Post, Siemens, British American Tobacco, etc.

500pips Review, 500pips Review: Modern, Innovative and New

Trading Accounts: Review of Everything 500pips has to offer

500pips.com offers six account types. The accounts follow a tier-based structure. All of them were created according to the level of trading experience.

BASIC – This type of account is most suitable for beginner traders. It offers educational material for younger traders, 24/5 support, daily market review, pro webinars, and of course, price alerts.

BRONZE – The Bronze account is perfect for the pre-intermediate types of traders and investors. The ones that already have a considerable grasp and understanding of the trading world. It offers daily market reviews, spreads, education center, customer support, pro educational webinars, price alerts, daily analysis video, account manager – junior level.

SILVER – This account is perfect for intermediate-level traders. It has various tools and products in it like Spreads, 24/5 support, education center, daily market review, pro webinars, price alerts, daily analysis video, senior-level account manager.

GOLD – More advanced traders will surely enjoy this wonderful account type. As it provides clients with VIP level account manager, gold signals, Education center, 24/5 support, daily market review, spreads, pro webinars, price alerts, daily analysis video, personalized trading strategy.

PLATINUM Experts and VIP traders only account. Education center, Daily Market Review, spreads, 24/5 support, pro webinars, price alerts, daily analysis video, VIP account manager, personalized trading strategy, 1-on-1 trading trainer.

BLACK – FOR EXCLUSIVE CLIENTS ONLY. For more details contact your Account Manager.

500pips Review, 500pips Review: Modern, Innovative and New

Customer Service

A significant plus for 500pips’ customer support is that it operates a day longer than most competitors. As such, traders can use the extra day to resolve their issues, minimizing potential downtime. That’s especially meaningful for those that use trading as a primary income source. A day of waiting for a problem to resolve is a day they aren’t getting anything done.

If you have an issue, the support team is ready to solve it. In fact, all you need is to fill in your details below, and the customer service team will contact you back within 48 hours.

On top of that, we should mention that the operatives we contacted were kind and knowledgeable. As such, the customer support experience was top-notch. You can use either a phone line, email or the integrated live chat feature to reach the team.

Live Chat – available all the time. Lines are open from 9:00 to 7:00 pm Luxembourg time.

Telephone: +35220204283

500pips Review, 500pips Review: Modern, Innovative and New

What do we think? Our 500pips conclusion

From our 500pips.net review, it should be apparent that we enjoyed the broker quite a bit. Even though it’s still young, the broker has everything you’d want. The trading specifications allow for a user-tilted experience where you can truly express your skill. The leverage, account typing, and platform are the three features that work in that regard.

Furthermore, the security is excellent, with very few complaints regarding the broker. It’s a part of a large marketing company, which means its reputation is quite important. Any lapse would harm its parent quite a bit, so it can’t let up. On top of that, it has excellent technical security measures, protecting it against hacking.

500PIPS: So what will you get with 500 pips?

  • CFDs and FX
  • Immediate real-time executions
  • Huge list of trading products
  • Top-tier Account Types
  • Customized charts
  • Educational Materials
  • Live data
  • Supportive customer service
  • Desktop, mobile, and tablet proprietary trading platform

As-is, the broker is an excellent example of how you should run an online finance firm. As such, we would recommend anyone looking for a new trading hub try it. However, perhaps the most exciting thing about 500pips is that it’s likely to grow rapidly. Because of that, we’re keeping a close eye on the broker and eagerly awaiting its future moves.

However, before you decide, please make sure to think twice, as CFDs are a little tricky when it comes to trading. In fact, trading CFDs carries a considerable risk of capital loss. Up to 80% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs.

Make sure you are smarter than circumstances and act according to your convictions.



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