Google Updates Android TVs to Address Gmail Privacy Issue

Google is reportedly developing a solution to prevent individuals from accessing emails of accounts logged into specific Android TV units.

According to reports, Android TV often preinstalled on many smart TVs, may grant physical access to Gmail and related services.

Moreover, since TV units function similarly to Android devices, they consider the owner’s Google account login persistent. The feature enables automatic logins to approved apps from the Play Store.

Although Chrome installation is prohibited on Android TV by Google, a workaround exists, potentially enabling easy access to Gmail, Drive, and other services.

Reports indicate that Senator Ron Wyden’s office shared the video with the tech giant, initially viewed by the firm as anticipated behavior, not a security issue. However, under increased pressure, the Alphabet-parent firm has pledged to address the loophole.

According to a spokesperson from the American company, most Google TV devices running the latest software versions already prevent this behavior.

They stated that a solution is being deployed to the remaining devices. The Alphabet-owned firm also advises users to ensure their software is up to date.

For users concerned about privacy, it is suggested to utilize a separate Google account when logging into Android TV sets.

The separate account, designated as a family account and added to Google Family, ensures access to YouTube TV and protects viewing history from family interference.

Android TV Updates to Debut at Google I/O 2024 Event

Google I/O, known for unveiling Alphabet’s new hardware and software, is set for May 14. Despite being weeks away, the event itinerary is already available.

Moreover, some planned sessions hint at major announcements for Wear OS, Google TV, and Android TV.

Meanwhile, an operating system (OS) update is in the works for both platforms, though details remain vague. Attendees anticipate discovering enhancements such as an improved Watch Face Format for dynamic designs and efficient use.

Furthermore, there is a buzz about designing for various sizes, possibly linked to rumors of two sizes for the Pixel Watch 3.


Meanwhile, tech enthusiasts are focused on artificial intelligence (AI) at the event, alongside the potential unveiling of Pixel 8a.

Users can create a separate family account within Google Family, ensuring YouTube TV access while safeguarding viewing history from family interference.


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