Amazon’s OS Vega to Replace Android

Amazon has started replacing Android with its operating system (OS) on some Echo Show 5 devices before expanding to other products.

Amazon’s Fire tablets, Fire TV, and smart displays run on Fire OS, a modified version of Android developed by Amazon. However, the tech giant is working on a new OS, Vega, possibly to replace Android on its devices like Fire tablets and Televisions (TV).

A report indicates that Amazon’s software could feature on Fire TV streaming devices as early as next year.

Meanwhile, Zats Not Funny disclosed that the latest Echo Show 5 operates with Amazon’s Vega. The displayed software is labeled “OS 1.1,” not the anticipated Fire OS, as the low version number suggests an entirely new platform.

Reports suggest that the in-house OS has been used for approximately one to two months on the Echo Show 5 device. The alteration could quickly go unnoticed since the user experience remains essentially unchanged.

However, the software shift is significant; with the Echo Show 5 operating Vega OS, streaming videos from Netflix is no longer possible. While analysts believe the video streaming platform still needs to develop a Vega-compatible application.

Reports show that moving away from Android could empower Amazon to enhance its products significantly, opening the door to notable advancements.

Vega on Echo Show 5, Fire TV Next?

Amazon resets with its OS, requiring developers to create platform-specific versions of popular streaming apps.

The American tech announced Fire TV’s widespread popularity, especially with over 200 million devices sold globally in March, encouraging developers to adapt.

Amazon’s total control of its OS allows increased advertising revenue extraction from Fire TV, smart displays, and other products. Moreover, it grants the company autonomy to update the software independently, addressing the lag in Fire OS and many Android TV streamers.

However, Fire TV users are raising concerns about the probability of Amazon’s custom OS terminating power user features like sideloading.

The tech giant revealed the new Fire TV OS features last September at a fall hardware event. It highlighted Fire TV’s enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) voice search, nuanced details, and a continued-watching row across streaming services.

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